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Did You Like Glenn Beck Or Just Listening

In my opinion Glenn Beck is more likable than Rupert Murdoch. I am even recognizing that Mr. Murdoch has a problem in recognition and formulating paragraphs on the spot so that they come out understandable, He may summarize a sentence at the end of his paragraph which is plainer than the sentences before it and actually that is all he had to say. It isn’t that his mind is going bad it is that he don’t really see the same way all the time and makes a decision based on someone else’s statement. I’ve seen worse, people basing their opinion on a statement rather than the actual event or matter. So that is how my opinion shapes up for today.

At Glenn Beck’s site I found where Mr. Murdoch had a video posted, here is the link: Glenn on Google. Remember I am Jonalist most all the time when I am reading a article I post as Jonalist. Here is what I had to say so you don’t have to look through the other postings just to find me. I really mean this in case you start dumping your ink in your ink well to change the ink because it started to smell foul like the inks we had to use in Drafting 101 and change the color.

9:07 PM 2/19/2011
Glenn Beck, All I’m looking for is a FACTORY to build FACTOR(IES) and that is the potential Sales Item. This is a New Industrial Era, we are not working from inside our homes anymore, we don’t have Mortgages and four vehicles in our garage, we do have a life and we want to encourage others to enjoy the benefits of life as we see Life Prosperous Through The Foundation. This is much greater a objective than simple Job Security that the American Government Offers and still shows Jobless Rates Climbing Because We Want To Care Take The Future.

I give to every nation that cannot build a FACTORY to build FACTORIES For Sale [….] so they can manufacture the electrical parts necessary to implement in their citizens vehicles (Already Owned) and this starts a humongous Collective Bargaining World-Wide BLUE CHIP for investment [practically the same as Diamond], this sparks off ‘Health with Dental Insurance FREE’ and springs back to produce Pensions & Retirement just like how we see failing because our governing body has passed the buck year after year denying they have Outstanding IOU’s regarding the access of Social Security Money for their own use and have denied any way to repay those IOU’s year after year. What we want to accomplish at The Foundation is to establish the Consumer Vehicle Service Warranty each year at a small cost which serves to keep an eye on the products we have mad to determine if and when they need to be replaced for free. I believe that is not much to ask since The EVFCF would be generating electricity for kickback from the power company if necessary for everyone to have Free Electricity For Their Vehicle.

Therefore, Mr. Beck, I designed a FACTORY to build the electrical parts, I want a FACTORY to build those FACTORIES for any nation that wants to build the Electrical Parts inside thus creating a world-wide efficiency operation one which even The United Nations could help manage Trade of each. Everyone of the non-conversion Consumer’s, per their need, would have a humongous amount of parts for every vehicle ever manufactured by Corporate Automakers who are UNION. Without having to establish a Union ourselves we save Gillions of dollars for one day the energy that we have saved will deplete and the Consumer’s that did not convert would have been through so many price fixes for fuel that we ourselves would actually benefit greater once they decide to convert their vehicles. The world would be efficient even if there is no OIL Remaining To Consume, and the Transportation issue would be resolved already for everyone. Why is America so slow in seeing this is our only hope unless we learn how to fly and can live without Highways, Bridges, and Tunnels through Mountains or under lakes and Gulf’s.

There cannot be anything wrong with this idea, like Howard stated Murdoch was thinking, it is far beyond a Ten Year Concept of stocking adequate parts since there would be no sales of parts, no catalog, and no stock/bonds regarding parts. The parts we collect become BLUE CHIP Certified, it is our bank and our bargaining concern not that of a government. If we believe that in some way that parts could be used to harm other humans we would refuse any and all objectives of anyone trying to obtain those parts from us. We Do Not Want A Melt Down and We Do Not Want To Contaminate either the Atmosphere or the Environment in handling of parts. We want to improve our Economy, so we can help other nations improve there economy too. We Are Heading That Direction Each Day. Google can’t take that away from us Mr. Murdoch, Google could help to finance our need and that is why I am here to be concerned about our need.

7:30 PM 2/19/2011
Mark Howard of AlterNet.Org stated that Glenn Beck is, “Glenn Beck is a notorious profit whore” so does that mean anything to Google’s success, NO. Glenn’s boss, Rupert Murdoch, has it in for the search-engine giant like you hate hotdogs with onions or cigarettes, he says Google is appropriating his content and failing to compensate him for it. I don’t believe The Rupert Murdoch would be asking the question, “Should we be allowing Google to steal all our copyrights?” Howard believes Beck has a unfoulable urge to exploit media and being a FoxNews employee gave him that sensational urge based on his other notions he manages with FoxNews like advertising, but his own endorsement, to gold dealers, survivalist gear, and right-wing lobbyists, according to Mark Howard stated as artist & author the publisher of News Corpse, the Internet’s Chronicle of Media Decay. Give us a break, Tax break is what some Corporate has to have so they can hand out Bonus Checks, so what did Google find to hand out or are they a secret Charity of Obama.

Mark Howard needs to listen to FM 107.9 [http://newstalk1079.com/listen-live] which is the radio station named “News Talk Radio” in the daylight hours to hear how many plugs for their Buy Gold amount to [Rusty Humphrey], that has a host named Laura Ingraham whom also plugs her own Official Website at http://www.lauraingraham.com/. Plus at various times US Senator Jeff Sessions is in their studio with Greg Budell, and Cheryl Johnna, Ellison Johnna, Traci Dixon Herndon, Melissa Abernathy also share the time. However, Howard is really missing The Live Broadcasts on The Morris and Montiel Show, Weekday mornings from 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM, [http://newstalk1079.com/shows/morris-a-montiel.html].

But, Mark Howard, says Glenn Beck Hates Google, sort of because of a few shaky attitudes Google also portrays to the world – Google is pretty deeply in bed with the government. Plus accuses Google at best a hard-left enterprise with ties to many of his favorite enemies, like FreePress.net, the Tides Foundation, MoveOn.org, Van Jones, and (gasp) George Soros. Howard missed the one that Google actually financed the Egypt Protest against the Egyptian Government of President Mubarak. So really Google should simply bring all this stuff about The Electric Car Foundation EVFCF and Government budgets attempting to steer clear of Credit Cards and Electric Recharge Facilities so that Consumer’s can get a Free Conversion and be satisfied that the majority of America can do the same and no one have to pay for electricity the EVFCF generates. That goes for everyone in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Libya, Yemen, Oman, even Bahrain no matter where the manufacturing should be constructed to (Wisconsin State Governor said it) – Collectively Bargain for the factory so a nation can make their own Foundation and generate their own electricity for their own peoples. Why now should we limit Saudi Arabia, cause they got control of law which is reserved in serving only Muslim’s [inre] the Ramadan Pilgrimage, that is for those whom walk but they do have to pay the established Ramadan Tax on everything they do including if they go to a fast food place like McDonald’s, KFC. Take a breather and read what AlterNet.Org is all about http://blogs.alternet.org/about/ , not once have they ever discovered what EVFCF is or what it has to do with the American Economy. I have been writing about EVFCF for more than a year, soon it will be two years. Mark Howard is like a microbe floating in a Ocean of Sea Water looking for a mate that agrees with what his mind has grown to love to diagnose others.

EVFCF = The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation:
Original Blog: http://bit.ly/dzzOd3
New Blog: http://evfcf.mysite.com/index.html
Wordpress Blog #1: https://jonalist.wordpress.com/
Wordpress Blog #1: https://jonalist.wordpress.com/
Foundation Pledge Group: http://evfcf-4u.groups.live.com/

10:17 PM 2/19/2011
Democracy is not just about tossing a ruler out of office, it consecrates Freedom, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness together it organizes not just internal membership but it outreaches to neighboring nations to endorse the action it has taken and to further the action by endorsing the same in that nation, this builds Democratic Security for without that you might as well continue on building walls that no one can see fit to climb over to be in service to neighboring nations.

Obama feels secure that Egypt will provide a Egyptian leadership that is Arab, certainly not Jewish and certainly not some Tribe, or Brotherhood (2 in the same description). I do not see Egypt as becoming a Mosque Center where a specific detail to Muslim traits leads down a road of less development. On the contrary I see a Egypt that would be creative in their development phase from the day of (President Mubarak stepping down to release himself from any and all responsibility) forward. I see how Egypt’s economical situation is being used by a urge in Libya to support big corporate General Electric.

I almost forgot the most important aspect to being Arab, all the medical books and journals that Israel has is written in Arabic not Hebrew and they are attempting to translate everything as they go from day to day and it cost plenty money when they can’t get a Doctor whom can read Arabic and know what the medications are to care for a patient in Israel, Now suppose none of the protesters feel that medicine studies is necessary in Egypt where Arabic is spoken and written everywhere, what good are medical books that Egypt and Israel have? I can say the same for if a Pipeline from Bahrain through Oman and to Egypt were to become a successful employment venture because in Bahrain the law requires a 50-50 split and the operator of the business in Bahrain be that of a citizen that speaks the language and if one is not available for a length of time the Insurance must be paid beforehand to bring in someone that can speak. Why would several nations come together in a Consortium Franchise and none of them be able to speak, read, write the language they need to personally use? If this is a troublesome situation then why is the computer not already setup to create the translation, we must not have to depend on Google to bring technology into the circle for everyone that needs to know. Google is a Search Engine business, it has no legal setup in Bahrain. Bahrain is technically a tourist trap engaging in everything they can to make tourism their economic success. Bahrain leadership composed the law there as prejudice whereby they benefit regardless, esp in taxes because a partner that cannot read nor write the language they specify must hire someone to be in their place, it is like that in every legal procedure of courts. Another situation is Indian Oil, how about Oil coming from Pakistan, or Oil which belongs to the Chinese. This shows that Bahrain has no legal right to prejudice the situation and take half of the value for their own use, it is theft of property to have to do business with such embezzlers. Until Bahrain becomes Democratic Bahrain shall have no Pipeline nor opportunity to offer every other nation in need of delivery of Oil through a Pipeline. So Bahrain can continue to dream on building ships to go through the Suez Canal instead, pay Egypt.

In such a way that it leads to the lease of battery packs that must be recharged at a established rate for electricity adding to the low cost of the shell they call a automobile having a honeycomb aluminum frame on the body. I think that even if energy from petroleum products did not enter into the spectrum that those vehicles would be hazards on the streets in the hands of the wrong group of people. It is also a bad economic affair to require the use of a Credit Card in your own home in order to recharge your own vehicle and the same card used away from your home charging at a recharge station each day because the battery packs for lease is a economic one and has no vast distance capability. I am referring to the Joule Electric Car made in South Africa and backed by German investors. The offering to become a owner of that vehicle is a 25% affair while the lease actually drives the cheap cost up from $2,500 well into $10,000 per life of the battery pack per lease per recharge cycles your being charged a bank fee for the use of a Credit Card monthly of at least $35 up to $65. In California or Georgia you could rent a Electric Car at least $65 per day but they have not got any yet in stock to rent [Zipcar and iPhone Rental Vehicles here http://www.zipcar.com/ Rates & Plans http://www.zipcar.com/rates]. Renting automobiles is not what The Foundation EVFCF is about. So you can dream that Egypt’s Institutions are Stronger but when it is looking to serve anyone a convenience, what do you think they are planning upstairs that South African & German Engineers has been involved in for a long while that suggests a far from accurate economic solution. Sure it is not everyday someone might want to drive instead of walk but there seems to me to be more people walking than driving these days. I see that as Democratic Reasoning Aimed At Ignoring Economic Solutions. Developers have already been laying out the schematic of Egypt and other nations cities in the hopes they can get in quickly and out to go to another location and so on. That leaves behind the skeleton business concept and requires not just a few employees concerned that the vehicle is not going to be stolen or destroyed and that is a expensive insurance per business.

The first comment I posted on that one article was really about who and what Google is…

Google should keep up with Jonalist’s Blog https://jonalist.wordpress.com/
There’s a lot to say about politics but that game is being spread about in Egyptian Modifications of Democratic portions, it may not become 100% Democratic but if Egypt tends to stay on the beaten path I believe they need to Google and translate pages if necessary so Google is way out ahead of politics in that real-time ordeal, but not on video translator details which might come out in the future, I have a lot of hope in computer recognition of voice and the need of music blanking to then remix so it sounds like it can verbally work for everyone.

I might should have just stated that the actual majority of the people in America are not Teachers, Automakers, Plumbers, Clergy, Muslim’s, Islamist, Atheist, and or Union Workers & Leaders. When Media and the U.S. Government keeps going to a Union for advise and support what that is saying is that our Government is wrong and should become Transparent to the Majority, not Unionist. Media keeps its eye on Unions like Unions means everything to the rest of all America that go into Shops, Stores, Theaters, Bowling Alley, Auto Repair Centers, Auto Lube Center, Auto Shock Center, Auto Brake Center, Gasoline Stations, City Library, State Library, County Library, Fire Departments, Swat Headquarters (doesn’t matter which city), Ice Cream Parlors, Pizza Restaurants, Hamburger Restaurants, Steak Restaurants, Mexican Food Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants, Donut Restaurants and Barbecue Restaurants, Dietary Restaurant Centers, plus Men’s Clothing Centers, Women’s Clothing Centers, Shoe Centers, Hobby Centers, Sporting Good Centers, Outdoorsman (Sporting) Centers, Outdoorsman (Boating) Centers, Jewelry Centers, Watch Centers, Medical Diagnostic Centers, and many many more. These are not Union business concepts, some may possess their own Union consideration but of the many I list and miss there’s just a Insurance Clause and a Tax Clause and nothing at all regarding a Union. So what am I getting at, this proves that the majority of all American’s are not Union whatsoever, Unionized Labor should stay out of these business operations because they are under certain State requirements which control their operations, some even have to follow The Food and Drug Administration Rules & Regulations.

I truly believe Glenn Beck could talk Rupert Murdoch under the table, it is my guess of course that Mr. Murdoch has fewer computing skills than Mr. Beck. However, Rupert Murdoch could put George Soros in a position that Mr. Soros would have to either back down a complete paragraph and maybe a complete sentence with just a Yes or No answer. Some Internet Surfers do not have anything good to say about anyone, this is why a web site which mentions someone and describes some aspect that individual has considered in details should really only have a check box to indicate if they oppose the individual or favor the individual to limit the comments from those individuals. I have more faith in Rupert Murdoch than I do George Soros, I think Glenn has more confidence in Rupert Murdoch than George Soros and really aims to show George Soros has lost touch with reality. Mr. Rupert Murdoch is not the type person to allow wealth to go to the grave with him but Mr. George Soros would do just that which ties wealth up in a court of law for many many years. That is the kind of man George Soros is compared to Mr. Rupert Murdoch. Soros would be laughing his way to his own grave knowing this is going to force people into bankruptcy because of litigation’s in a courtroom for many many years. Soros might think spread the wealth but it would become his own fault for tampering with anyone else’s wealth. Mr. Soros will never feel the pain of anyone else’s loss of wealth. (‘Soros enjoys taking countries down,’ November 10, 2010). Penniless & Underwritten about is a ending that Soros will accept with gladness, the many that did write about Soros received nothing while the many that Soros gave to still have nothing. Babies need nourishment, feeding the infant even after the infant grows up still does not get back the cost of having fed the infant, so the addition of taxes to grownups is not achieving much better because the source is not going to receive, it has become electronic technology food.

This is what is hurting America – Z.O.A. is Zionist Of America
Z.O.A. practically served remarks to get money to support Obama’s campaign, Obama has not paid any money back not even those of Clinton’s losses. The principal is that Jews can obtain money from Z.O.A. for college if they agree that their scholarship and/or business interaction afterwards will either create or support a given ‘Zionist’ add-on to a business name. This is the Muslim’s working in Z.O.A. that have converted to Jewish categorical Christian titles. It was the major campaign to help Jewish Slaves out of the Middle East.

READ THIS – ZOA: It’s Troubling To See Jewish Leaders Defend Israel/U.S. Basher George Soros Against Glenn Beck’s Criticism, November 16, 2010, by Morton A. Klein. Difference between

Cooperative Franchise
Added: 3:36 AM 2/26/2011 CST

The Cooperative would become a Franchise for whom else wished to deliver oil/gas and the entire operation a Consortium Franchise. This is bigger than a free-market reform offered by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi back in 2008 [NO TIME LIMIT, IMMEDIATE RESULTS], as Freedom takes shape in Libya cooperation of the population will turn to improve the Heritage they have inherited so with more improvement the less retort to add taxation to the populates and this continues to reinforce Freedom throughout both regions as One Nation. The Declaration of Unity is a powerful instrument to possess throughout time. Just what was on Muammar Gaddafi’s mind when he vowed to create a ‘United States of Africa’ after his election as head of the African Union. Was that some kind of less freedom for Libyan’s? Campaigning to numerous African capitals, sounded fishy. Without two Tyrants look what can be done rather than how it would outreach to all Africa or all the Middle East, be a bit more sincere to all that you have inherited as A Nation because it will return more favoritism to you at the United Nations. At some point in time Hosni Mubarak wanted to capture the same spirit Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had acclaimed to over a African Union but he despised United States of America and did not favor the same naming convention, he was lost in words and a approach to counter Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s moment of fame, he knew it wouldn’t last and began planning what then scenario’s once that Libyan plan went down as a failure but there were to many participants. As we learned from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi the Al-Qaeda played a major role somehow in Libya and he wants to squash that aspect, he doesn’t want the youth to learn the truth and to know whom it is that he despised but more likely than not also would Hosni Mubarak have wanted the same thing as he spoke about since he knew the failure would expose what Gaddafi had endorsed but not him and because he didn’t it hurt Egyptians. What crime is worse than use of Libyan money to buy slaves with from Saudi Arabians whom deal with The Muslim Brotherhood that serve as the right hand of Al-Qaeda’s economic gain operation allowing the Slave Movement to continue its journey through the Middle East, another side business of Osama Bin Laden no doubt Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s hatred for Al-Qaeda for importing drugs to Libya. It is indeed a sad story but Hosni Mubarak doesn’t have to answer to those crimes, Libya was becoming a radical Islamic state, like Sawiris exclaimed about the fear that Egypt would have because of countries like Iran, Syria and Qatar. Now Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has violated the trust of the people of Libya and he must be arrested. The anti-government zealots will either reform or there needs be something that will calm their attitude about the government they live with for now one, if there is a double sized nation it becomes a matter of obtaining their help to secure the entire nation. That is what would calm their mind, it is just a job. You watch other kinds of radical activity will occur which is because of external factors again trying to become a rival amongst whom the find their bed and wish to obtain a better residence out from where they are. Climbing over people like they were steps up the pyramids themselves ever becoming smaller and smaller the higher they go into Egypt to become a equal and well embedded to be lost there as a secret society working from within to corrupt and overthrow whatever they feel is adverse to their understanding. Avoid new Government Mercedes and BMW’s zipping by donkey carts hauling garbage through the streets as that was the Mubarak economic approach to cherish the Egyptian Art. No Rental Zipcar’s needed for University students.

That’s it, a bigger plan for both Libya & Egypt to collectively manage both land areas as One Nation. I think that would be good for their economy building up a single government instead of two opposing governments. It makes it easier without Colonel Muammar Gaddafi or Hosni Mubarak.

Question by Anderson Cooper needs answering…
Twitter andersoncooper Anderson Cooper
by bencnn
Why would #Beyonce and #MariahCarey sing for Gadhafi’s son at a private party? How much did they get paid? #ac360 10p
Who is Saif al-Islam Gadhafi?
By Greg Botelho, CNN
February 21, 2011 — Updated 1702 GMT (0102 HKT)
Reunited would feel so good! at CNN. Occurring just a year ago says someone on Twitter but that is 2010 and the problem was occurring before 2005 and was discovered in 2008 after $50 million went missing

Tripoli resident: ‘The sky is raining with bullets’
25 February 2011 Last updated at 11:59 ET
Obama announces Libya sanctions
26 February 2011 Last updated at 02:24 ET
4 killed after protesters, security forces clash in Yemen
From Mohammed Jamjoom, CNN – February 26, 2011 3:12 a.m. EST
Looking for friends converted to Slaves?
Mass grave with 153 bodies found in northern Iraq
From Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN – February 12, 2011 — Updated 1804 GMT (0204 HKT)
Area of fighting between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, had been controlled by al Qaeda in Iraq between 2006 and 2008. Some victims were blindfolded and others had their hands tied behind their backs, signs of al-Qaeda in Iraq activity. Ask about DNA Records! Thousands of missing persons in Iraq have been registered by The Iraqi Red Crescent. Back in 2008 The Iraqi Red Crescent was Corrupt! In fact many mass graves have been found, there may be mass graves in Libya & in Egypt, so who is this man called son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi? Out of touch and one financial backer of Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, for President. I am thinking that the missing $50 million dollars was being split up between all whom money was owed to and most however was going to go to Gadhafi because he was selling arms to the al-Qaeda and they may have replaced the money with a bigger stash of diamonds instead which would have been the very first deal which (who is) Saif al-Islam Gadhafi back in 2008, his father was entangled in that Big African Union deal which would cost a few billion of dollars and several years to pay for yet the deal with al-Qaeda would enrich the opportunity of more Slave Movements and that meant more money and more weapons. Then when Colonel Muammar Gaddafi went on television to denounce the protesters he mentioned how it was the cause of al-Qaeda, well whom did he sell weapons to and offer to allow free access in and out of Libya, I say that the father like the son is guilty of mass murder and must be arrested – DO YOU HEAR ME ON THIS EQUALLY! What Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has said about you talking charge of your son is just exactly how he took charge of his son and now his son is in the act of distributing the wealth that he obtained from al-Qaeda deals, (guess who he funded click here & here). Don’t worry they do not know anything of the past events in Libya, but I bet that you can find out online enough to indict both father & son. Now you are aware of what Colonel Muammar Gaddafi did not want told to all the youth in Libya thinking the adults would understand why he did what he did blaming it on the sons of Libyans. Crimes against Libyans were occurring long before 2011 committed by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi & his son. For what other reasons was the revolution taking place in Libya? It was not the result of drugs, it was not the result of sons of the population, it was not because of the Al-Qaeda, it was not because of Insurgents – It was because Colonel Muammar Gaddafi & his son wished it upon the class of people that neither wish to associate themselves personally with but they were more than personal together.

Gaddafi looses control over Libya
News Ticker Page (watch for updates): Gaddafi loses control of his country
Libya: Gaddafi’s empire crumbles as his inner circle abandon him