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State of Wisconsin’s Evil compared to Other Needs

Judging from how rhetoric’s judge matters of bankruptcy brings me to describe just how Saudi Arabia is now envisioning the events in Bahrain, Hit Men are becoming their main topic and as you might realize it depends then on Saudi Arabia whom they want to tell the Hit Men to kill, wherever. Being the protest is occurring in Bahrain we limit their response to Bahrain but is it to constructively Hit People that are protesters or governing individuals or both to suddenly have no hard avenue to take into controlling aspects within Bahrain to their own conscription. Well, you said it bankruptcy in Bahrain is really no different than in Wisconsin and who really wants to try to control Wisconsin when it is bankrupt, oh, maybe Muslim’s might have a chance to get more money out of this bankruptcy but no government elected jobs? So there is a evil conspiracy boiling in Wisconsin that will evidently spill into every state and this is how Obama is heading with it.

But what if came into my mind. So the problem in Egypt is the Suez Canal and employment to get protest to slow down and recovery of the overthrown government produce a more Democratic nation with freedom’s which protesters are talking about. So the problem in Bahrain is limited expansion and quite little business opportunity which is not centered on tourism. Lastly the problem in Oman is quite frankly a simple over balanced situation that their food prices require the import of fresh meats to counter the high cost of vegetables and stored grains so their cost of feeding families is decreased. How does this illustrate a solution for the region, excluding Saudi Arabian Hit Men.

OK to get oil and gas up the Suez Canal without depending on the Suez Canal of course is via a pipeline, the solution to Oman having a through path for a pipeline can get franchise payments, so this pipeline business needs be named Egypt/Oman/Bahrain Energy Consortium Corporation based on the three founders offering franchise to use the pipeline such that countries needing to ship oil/gas can ship via a pipeline easier than using the Suez Canal and they they become Consortium Franchise’s of the Corporation sharing in a balance of lowering the total cost of using a pipeline instead of ships. This endorses Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, even shipments by Afghanistan or Iraq plus Iran and Pakistan or Turkey for that matter. The potential builds into a very large consortium and that is in itself the next board meeting responsibility while Egypt/Oman/Bahrain are the primary board meeting responsibility. This begins to build a economic shield around the region and all that participate benefit, plus the price of oil/gas will not increase because of not using ships or increase because of having bought new ships which require very high pay backs. Now to start this activity what Bahrain really needs is some negotiable which serves to establish US Military presence to aid in securing for protesters talks to understand what can happen to benefit everyone and how to accomplish their new government economy without much effort in providing the needed jobs to the many.

The bigger picture for oil/gas revenue is to divert from shipping to pipeline establishing The Egypt/Oman/Bahrain Energy Consortium Corporation so that other countries could be a Consortium Franchise member and create more savings overall in transferring larger amounts of oil/gas without any shipping through the Suez Canal. It creates jobs in building the pipeline and in managing the pipeline content from one location to another. All Bahrain has had is a possible future in tourism, all Oman has had is a problem in high priced foods, all Egypt has is protesters that need jobs and a better economy because use of Suez Canal. This is expensive compared to a pipeline and that is why Iran went Pipeline. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey could go pipeline through the Consortium Franchise making for cheaper delivery. The United Kingdom could release Iran of its deliveries ans prosper by providing their own ships to Egypt to retrieve oil/gas as they need it without having to worry with the Sues Canal. I suspect that diversion from government operation of the Suez Canal to civilian operation would then become feasible and economical for the government to not have any Debt created in later down the road because of refurbishing of the Suez Canal. Egyptian government wouldn’t need have employment concerns with either the new pipeline nor the Suez Canal and these tasks would be concerned civilian jobs improving the Egyptian Economy.