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Ten Points People Reject Electric Cars

Ten Points People Reject Electric Cars
By Charles Jones (Jonalist)
4:03 AM 7/10/2011

Why define the development as ABSOLUTELY ABSURD? Stop defining this opportunity WE HAVE THE MARKET STABILIZED

Is it you are not personally interested in having a Foundation take care of mechanical vehicle needs?

Is it that you do not want others to not to have to worry any about their vehicle mechanical needs?

Are you jealous that a Foundation could manage the cost of your vehicle instead of you & others?

Is it a financial worry, you have no money, you are broke, you could never buy a new car. Why convert to a electric car when I have a car that don’t have to be converted that always works when I buy gasoline for it and have a gasoline credit card. Ya’ll must be crazy thinking I want to stop using my credit card.

Don’t worry about your overhead, your luxury environment is totally your main expense because every other aspect of the electric car you should be driving chosen by you will be the experts at The Foundation putting together the necessary components that will be used by facility workers across the nation to convert automobiles. This is the hope that American’s need, it is no longer a Consumer Dominated Market because the Trust is taken care of for everyone that converts their property. Don’t just buy a car, buy whatever car you would like to own because you can convert that car, go to dealers, ask the Big Three Corporates for that car body price you can afford because this is all up to you to decide not government, not corporates. That the drive today to the showroom floor, the car you want is in your own mind so let The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation get it for you. Isn’t this the best idea you have ever heard of, a President can’t come up with the solution because he can’t convert government cars when he wants new cars he has the Big Three to tango with not a Foundation so he refuses to give us what we want and we challenged him to give show us a better opportunity and he couldn’t come up with anything better than a Corporate Big Three Electric Car. Now we are going to show the world how we have this opportunity available to us that they might also share the same with their population and the world will change to the better, even the pollution will decrease believe it or not the money markets will not even notice we are here in a electric car charging our next adventure and it might take us right into your neighborhood. Happy Travels Everyone

from The Jonalist


1. Did not want to convert your vehicle that is gasoline or diesel to electric.

2. You making payments to a bank each month for your vehicle and do not own it.

3. Have not considered purchasing another vehicle that you can be happy with if it were a electric vehicle and keep your vehicle your paying for monthly as is with no changes to it.

4. Gone the extra mile and still unsure of electric cars, unfaithful to your vehicle that some other person actually tends to all its mechanical problems that you are so illiterate about the vehicle that your even a dunce if someone needed your guidance that you introduce them to your friend that handles your own vehicle and you go about your daily convictions no matter what your paying out because of the vehicle.

5. Have another reason which the vehicle you drive is not really your vehicle and could be a relatives vehicle or some other individual or business associate or just a friend that has two and you use their vehicle.

6. Been involved in accidents with vehicles that you are afraid of them, actually really terrified of electric vehicles. Do not want transportation to evolve into electric vehicles.

7. Have a phobia of electricity.

8. Afraid of the other drivers that can be driving a electric vehicle at the same time you are driving a gasoline/diesel vehicle on the same highway.

9. Fell totally insecure if your not using some device that consumes electricity while you are a passenger in a electric vehicle.

10. Afraid of being a passenger in a vehicle esp. a electric vehicle?