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Hello world!

Welcome to My WordPress.com blog. This is my introduction first post. I’m not new to blogging, some people are new to Internet so let me welcome you online! Just as a tease let me start by showing you my other blog site (Original Home).



The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)

Evaluation Determining Quota Expectation

250,000,000 Vehicle Ten Year Plan

I Respond (My Responses, Like a Diary)- no longer supporting Download the archive.

United States Department Of Electric Vehicles (DOEV)

College and University Project Support (CUPS)

Some Improvements

More on The EVFCF Platform Commitment

Solving Problems For Transportation

Energy Is Available, Let’s Harness The Legal Argument

LPG-FAQ Autogas Australia


Join The Picken’s Plan

My Picken’s Plan Home

Alternative Energy Solutions Supports New Objectives (My Picken’s Plan Article)





My Townhall Blog – America Is Great So Are The People

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Here is where you need to read about my deal I got and believe me this is a low cost phone at Walmart.

Here I have taken some tips to turn from a news based web interest to my original name I gave to My Project Plan which is a Foundation named “Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation” (EVFCF). You will learn more there about how WE as American’s can change destiny of our nation to the better without trying very hard. In fact WE can save America’s economy from being feed to foreign business interest now making large investments within America to rule the world from Energy to food & you got it Electric Cars. You job is quite simple, agree with the progress The Foundation can make and not just you in your city will have an electric car at near nothing its cost projection of the Big Three Automakers or foreign interest that wish to corner a ‘International Job Campaign in America’ & crash the use of US Dollars by changing currencies here & dealing in their own currencies, they are not required by statute to handle only US Dollars so be advised this can happen in your city. Give yourself a breather before we go into details to show you how WE can do this. I’m not doing this by myself, I have help from several people making discussion groups & cooperative backup for a large emotional campaign in America now for more than a year but we are not going to advertise nor ever misdirect our money for advertising. America came into being as a result of families committing to a theme and that theme as we know it became The United States of America as we still recognize it. So on that note – Let Us Get This Foundation On The Road This Year Without Any Political Delays as what happened in 2008, 2009, & 2010. Thank You For Your Support – Go To My Group And Join.

Your Friend: The Jonalist
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