George Jones Funeral

I’m using My Charter for my site since I get that free, I have used & as well as & my Twitter or Facebook. My concern is that unlike any normal Baptist Church recognized by the Baptist Association there is one which stands out like a bad oman in America which has threatened to Protest at the Funeral of George Jones in Nashville, Tennessee May 02, 2013. I have yet to post anything on my sites but I did mention on my Twitter Account in my Twitter Name of Jonalist that this church has Mr. George Jones Pegged like many other celebrities or just plain ordinary everyday working hard people to make a living in America as some individual they can literally stand against using God & the Bible as their crutch, known as Westboro Baptist Church located in West Texas. One such ordinary individual that church protested during his funeral was a firefighter that lost his life while fighting a tremendous fire at a fertilizer plant also in West, Texas where the church operates out of. I charge a violation of the U.S. Constitution and cited them with Jihad against many people whom they have protested against & for secretly organizing such protests utilizing the Internet sites which sprung up supporting their every characterization of individuals. You can find a story about the protest of the firefighter at ; see video KEYE TV, Austin, Texas April 23, 2013. In that article it tells of that church having decided to make a campaign for USA in their choice way by renaming our America to “the United States Of Terror” or “Magormissabib”, to reflect the sinful nature of the country. If I believe that we could simply form a Human Blockade to stop protesters from interfering with the George Jones Funeral I wouldn’t be posting this Reply here. In fact I believe strongly that someone or better yet a group of lawyers should ban together and seek a injunction against the Westboro Baptist Church Protesters and keep them from even entering the city of Nashville and/or protesting at the Funeral and any other Funeral which can be held within Nashville, TN by obtaining the backing of a Judge singing the injunction against that church. If many cities in America can do the same thing we can literally stop that church from carrying out their chosen function of what they feel is how a Baptist Church should conduct itself in America and Worldwide. It is my hopes that any desecration of a grave can be averted and/or more deaths associated with those protester activities within America by having the power to obtain injunctions against their criminal actions esp planning to execute such protests on the Internet, Radio, and television (all formats of advertising) seeing that it is a disgraceful action a church should consider to undertake esp during a memorial or a funeral itself. I loved to listen to George Jones, if he had ever sung anything using that church’s name in the song I believe it could have become a great hit all over the world. Why don’t more people sing like George Jones? To bad most of the singers that could sing if they knew how all become tangled in Metal Music not Country Music where we can at least hear and follow along with the words being sung, Metal Music is Noise on top of Noise which makes the voices sound even more worse like Noise. I hope you have a very good day today there in Nashville, TN and if your ever traveling through Alabama, let me know over at Charter site where you can email me and let me know if this idea went OK, try to keep up the courage for there will be many more actions where even a church protester can drift in and be invisible but make a lot of irritating noise called heckling and irritating distractions even burning America’s Flag should be considered a illegal protest action by a member of Westboro Baptist Church whom believes Americans are destructible enough to want USA name changed to fit their agenda. TheJonalist at Facebook, I can be found folks. STOP JIHADIST whatever they call themselves.

This is exactly why we should be leery of what individuals and groups are doing not only online but in their actions and plans, this image depicts exactly what the intentions are, its like a message send online to alert anyone that would like to join in the escapade and participate. I am certain that many of them have yet to meet but before its over they all seem to know each other as if it were a few years in the making of a friendship when its really only been a day or so and in this case it is a immediate threat they have composed yet another bad deed to be carried out at another funeral. This sort of advertising is much simliar to what Bin Laden was up to yet he also employed secret messages on memory chips and cards which he had couriers to pick up his dispatch and deliver to whom was to encode and decode. Many were found at the house in Pakistan where Osama was almost captured but killed because he resisted arrest, to bad to that he thought it OK to kill people secretly and damage property.

Westboro Baptist Church to picket George Jones funeral

I’ll post more to this when i return from getting as set of teeth in Montgomery, Alabama.

Where To See The Funeral Online

Performers and speakers announced for George Jones’ funeral, plus how to watch it

by Mandi Bierly
May 1 2013 01:06 PM ET

Plans have been announced for George Jones’ public funeral, taking place Thursday at The Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. The service will include music from Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Vince Gill and Patty Loveless, Charlie Daniels, The Oak Ridge Boys, Kid Rock, Ronnie Milsap, Travis Tritt, Tanya Tucker, and Wynonna. Kenny Chesney will speak, as will Former First Lady Laura Bush, Grand Ole Opry VP&GM Pete Fisher, Governor Bill Haslam, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Barbara Mandrell, and CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.

The service, which will begin at 11 a.m. ET, will be broadcast live on CMT, GAC, RFD, and FamilyNet, as well as local Nashville stations. Those not near a TV can watch online at, or listen in at or by tuning their radio dials to WSM 650AM and SiriusXM Willie’s Roadhouse (Ch. 56).

Shall Return Soon!
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