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Did You Like Glenn Beck

In my opinion

    Glenn Beck

is more likable than Rupert Murdoch. I am even recognizing that Mr. Murdoch has a problem in recognition and formulating paragraphs on the spot so that they come out understandable, He may summarize a sentence at the end of his paragraph which is plainer than the sentences before it and actually that is all he had to say. It isn’t that his mind is going ‘bad’ it is that he don’t really see the same way all the time ‘concentration diverted’ and makes a decision based on someone else’s statement ‘always’. I’ve seen worse, people basing their opinion on a statement rather than the actual event or matter. So that is how my opinion shapes up for today. Murdoch has a serious hindsight, no rules as it appears to what he owns ‘just that he owns it’, ‘really a poor way to go about thinking that what you own is going to work as a entire mechanized symphony orchestra or just as a group of many bands going through their jam sequences and really not paying attention to getting in tune with the whole McCoy ball of wax’. Whatever happens to Murdoch is for the best, his son had to many freedoms to not recognize what was out of sequence and those illegal wiretaps seems more of his blame to approve suggestive ways of finding out needed information. I think the entire out of tune properties are to blame for the indiscriminate approach. They should have aimed some legal motives into their business ‘Oh, Murdoch’s business’.

At Glenn Beck’s site I found where Mr. Murdoch had a video posted, here is the link: Glenn on Google. Remember I am Jonalist most all the time when I am reading a article I post as Jonalist. Here is what I had to say so you don’t have to look through the other postings just to find me. I really mean this in case you start dumping your ink in your ink well to change the ink because it started to smell foul like the inks we had to use in Drafting 101 and change the color.

9:07 PM 2/19/2011
Glenn Beck, All I’m looking for is a FACTORY to build FACTOR(IES) and that is the potential Sales Item. What kind of job were we looking for, certainly not one which steals from the poor and gives to the rich or says to be giving back to the poor but in less quantity than it stole. This is a New Industrial Era, we are not working from inside our homes anymore, we don’t have Mortgages and four vehicles in our garage, we do have a life and we want to encourage others to enjoy the benefits of life as we see Life Prosperous Through The Foundation. This is much greater a objective than simple Job Security that the American Government Offers and still shows Jobless Rates Climbing Because We Want To Care Take The Future. September is another grateful memory, the 13th is my birthday and it seems that the world is turning on this month as a spotlight. ‘Scared The Hell Out Of Me’, imagining how in Egypt the trial will commence against the President & others plus the election and in America another short circuited Debt Problem occurs. We are already seeing the markets turning in their time cards early as stocks fall day by day. It will only take a few voters to nail the tarmac of Obama down to the ground and send him out of our government properties forever. How many people think we are going to Default between now and September? How many people think that Default will occur in September with a failure in obtaining the votes in the House & Senate to introduce more tax & lower Health Care/Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security? It is the right of every state to bring their portion up to par with Medicaid support for their own state residents and to get off the band wagon of big Insurance Companies cause of their massive policy enrichment plan. Most states give the state personnel the same privilege to buy more Insurance outside their regular Medicaid Payments and it looks that it would offset state management of insurance policies if that takes place and for the better of mankind. People that get Social Security Checks do have bills, they do buy gasoline and food and they do own homes and cars some have payments on all that as well and no one can tell me that all those businesses and state offices are not getting a cut of the money they are receiving. These people have earned the right to stay right where they are, they don’t have to voice their opinion, they don’t have to be in a parade or a petitioners daily march, these people are American’s. Why are you denying them their Social Security?

I give to every nation that cannot build a FACTORY to build FACTORIES For Sale [….] so they can manufacture the electrical parts necessary to implement in their citizens vehicles (Already Owned) and this starts a humongous Collective Bargaining World-Wide BLUE CHIP for investment [practically the same as Diamond] (Did you believe in GOLD, that is a treasurers dream to watch it stack up and have to pay to guard it, the more you have the more it costs to protect it and the more you pay to protect it the higher the cost at the stock markets. Sure Washington can say there is our GOLD but really they have IOU’s on most every inch of it and separate ownerships do exist which are paying the most of the overhead to protect it not the government & the government does not even get into the stock market for individual American’s to invest in Our Gold because it is not their entire burden.), this sparks off ‘Health with Dental Insurance FREE’ and springs back to produce Pensions & Retirement just like how we see failing because our governing body has passed the buck year after year denying they have Outstanding IOU’s regarding the access of Social Security Money for their own use and have denied any way to repay those IOU’s year after year. What we want to accomplish at The Foundation is to establish the Consumer Vehicle Service Warranty each year at a small cost which serves to keep an eye on the products we have mad to determine if and when they need to be replaced for free. I believe that is not much to ask since The EVFCF would be generating electricity for kickback from the power company if necessary for everyone to have Free Electricity For Their Vehicle. Give me an idea that might be better to work with – post comment. Is it our pride or our wealth that really matters? Obama did not greet us as if our pride was a factor, Congress esp. the Senators started telling us that our credit rating was going to be degraded from a AAA+ as if that was our pride & joy. I do not think that borrowing money has much to do with having money to pay off our debt and we do have money that our government does not believe it to be our money because government wants to tax our money in order to get at what money we do have which would depreciate our ability as US Citizens to pay our debt in full. I see it in how our government is handling Our US Savings Bonds. What was that Russia just started calling American’s – PARASITES?

Therefore, Mr. Beck, I designed a FACTORY to build the electrical parts, I want a FACTORY to build those FACTORIES for any nation that wants to build the Electrical Parts inside thus creating a world-wide efficiency operation one which even The United Nations could help manage Trade of each. Everyone of the non-conversion Consumer’s, per their need, would have a humongous amount of parts for every vehicle ever manufactured by Corporate Automakers who are UNION. Without having to establish a Union ourselves we save Gillions of dollars for one day the energy that we have saved will deplete and the Consumer’s that did not convert would have been through so many price fixes for fuel that we ourselves would actually benefit greater once they decide to convert their vehicles. The world would be efficient even if there is no OIL Remaining To Consume, and the Transportation issue would be resolved already for everyone. Why is America so slow in seeing this is our only hope unless we learn how to fly and can live without Highways, Bridges, and Tunnels through Mountains or under lakes and Gulf’s.

There cannot be anything wrong with this idea, like Howard stated Murdoch was thinking, it is far beyond a Ten Year Concept of stocking adequate parts since there would be no sales of parts, no catalog, and no stock/bonds regarding parts. The parts we collect become BLUE CHIP Certified, it is our bank and our bargaining concern not that of a government. If we believe that in some way that parts could be used to harm other humans we would refuse any and all objectives of anyone trying to obtain those parts from us. We Do Not Want A Melt Down and We Do Not Want To Contaminate either the Atmosphere or the Environment in handling of parts. We want to improve our Economy, so we can help other nations improve there economy too. We Are Heading That Direction Each Day. Google can’t take that away from us Mr. Murdoch, Google could help to finance our need and that is why I am here to be concerned about our need.

7:30 PM 2/19/2011
Mark Howard of AlterNet.Org stated that Glenn Beck is, “Glenn Beck is a notorious profit whore” so does that mean anything to Google’s success, NO. Glenn’s boss, Rupert Murdoch, has it in for the search-engine giant like you hate hotdogs with onions or cigarettes, he says Google is appropriating his content [HOW DID HE KNOW THAT] and failing to compensate him for it [Where Is The Proof]. I don’t believe The Rupert Murdoch would be asking the question, “Should we be allowing Google to steal all our copyrights?” Howard believes Beck has a unfoulable urge to exploit media and being a FoxNews employee gave him that sensational urge based on his other notions he manages with FoxNews like advertising, but his own endorsement, to gold dealers, survivalist gear, and right-wing lobbyists, according to Mark Howard stated as artist & author the publisher of News Corpse, the Internet’s Chronicle of Media Decay. Give us a break, Tax break is what some Corporate has to have so they can hand out Bonus Checks, so what did Google find to hand out or are they a secret Charity of Obama.

Mark Howard needs to listen to FM 107.9 [Listen Live] which is the radio station named “News Talk Radio” in the daylight hours to hear how many plugs for their Buy Gold amount to [Rusty Humphrey], that has a host named Laura Ingraham whom also plugs her own Official Website. Plus at various times US Senator Jeff Sessions is in their studio with Greg Budell, and Cheryl Johnna, Ellison Johnna, Traci Dixon Herndon, Melissa Abernathy also share the time. However, Howard is really missing The Live Broadcasts on The Morris and Montiel Show, Weekday mornings from 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM, [].

* * *

Have you seen Ann Coulter in a comedy set yet?
Ann Coulter on Liberals part 1-2” is a presentation on YouTube by 1001Phoenix, “Ann Coulter on Liberals part 2-2“. You got to tune in to what Ann Coulter is saying humor at its best. Obama does not have control of the Totem Pole and the totem pole is doing its own thing as it precludes is necessary which includes printings and mailings which cost taxpayers in the billions so you add it up each year and before you get to ten years Obama is gone with the wind and the cost of the totem pole is exceeding Trillions of Dollars. Is there any wonder that comedy can only slam the book closed when our government officials are content with reading more & more books – what happened to the paperless society is Obama trying to offset our economy to drive us into a card based existence? The National Debt nor the Balanced Budget are working to preserve our Social Security and that is what the totem pole has done to America cause Obama don’t care about Social Security just like he does not care about having a converted electric car he already has a gasoline hybrid he traded for and is satisfied. Some people you just can’t get them to see it your way because they only are seeing things their own way, Obama has lost support to be President except for a few that also see it the way they see themselves. No one is seeing what the whole should be seeing because they have been brainwashed into seeing it in their own situations, jobs is a marketable guideline, ask Murdoch did that matter to the employees that he now fully owned their business? They are not going to alter the face of this world because they are not in tune to do that and Murdoch is not the man to bring about the change the world will have occur once the world gets over being selfish and stubborn. When you see Social Security Administrators going door to door banging on them even walking around looking at the back of the house you will know that the Obama TOTEM POLE is pushing a job campaign and these people that are at rest can’t get any rest because of what Obama did to America and it was not the right way to go about managing the totem pole. The WISHY WASHY ATTITUDE OF OBAMA has driven us into a lunatic fringe – there are cave people being forced NOT TO WORK when they could very well be given a job and even taken to work somewhere. Obama does not need 16,000 IRS Agents posing as Social Security Administrators banging on businesses & homes.

Here’s another: Ann Coulter on Muslims & Airport Security
And Another: Ann Coulter VS. Joy Behar: Larry King LIve part 1

But, Mark Howard, says Glenn Beck Hates Google, sort of because of a few shaky attitudes Google also portrays to the world – Google is pretty deeply in bed with the government. Plus accuses Google at best a hard-left enterprise with ties to many of his favorite enemies, like, the Tides Foundation,, Van Jones, and (gasp) George Soros. Howard missed the one that Google actually financed the Egypt Protest against the Egyptian Government of President Mubarak. So really Google should simply bring all this stuff about The Electric Car Foundation EVFCF and Government budgets attempting to steer clear of Credit Cards and Electric Recharge Facilities so that Consumer’s can get a Free Conversion and be satisfied that the majority of America can do the same and no one have to pay for electricity the EVFCF generates. That goes for everyone in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Libya, Yemen, Oman, even Bahrain no matter where the manufacturing should be constructed to (Wisconsin State Governor said it) – Collectively Bargain for the factory so a nation can make their own Foundation and generate their own electricity for their own peoples. Why now should we limit Saudi Arabia, cause they got control of law which is reserved in serving only Muslim’s [inre] the Ramadan Pilgrimage, that is for those whom walk but they do have to pay the established Ramadan Tax on everything they do including if they go to a fast food place like McDonald’s, KFC. Take a breather and read what AlterNet.Org is all about , not once have they ever discovered what EVFCF is or what it has to do with the American Economy. I have been writing about EVFCF for more than a year, soon it will be two years. Mark Howard is like a microbe floating in a Ocean of Sea Water looking for a mate that agrees with what his mind has grown to love to diagnose others.

EVFCF = The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation:
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10:17 PM 2/19/2011
Democracy is not just about tossing a ruler out of office, it consecrates Freedom, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness together it organizes not just internal membership but it outreaches to neighboring nations to endorse the action it has taken and to further the action by endorsing the same in that nation, this builds Democratic Security for without that you might as well continue on building walls that no one can see fit to climb over to be in service to neighboring nations.

Obama feels secure that Egypt will provide a Egyptian leadership that is Arab, certainly not Jewish and certainly not some Tribe, or Brotherhood (2 in the same description). I do not see Egypt as becoming a Mosque Center where a specific detail to Muslim traits leads down a road of less development. On the contrary I see a Egypt that would be creative in their development phase from the day of (President Mubarak stepping down to release himself from any and all responsibility) forward. I see how Egypt’s economical situation is being used by a urge in Libya to support big corporate General Electric.

I almost forgot the most important aspect to being Arab, all the medical books and journals that Israel has is written in Arabic not Hebrew and they are attempting to translate everything as they go from day to day and it cost plenty money when they can’t get a Doctor whom can read Arabic and know what the medications are to care for a patient in Israel, Now suppose none of the protesters feel that medicine studies is necessary in Egypt where Arabic is spoken and written everywhere, what good are medical books that Egypt and Israel have? I can say the same for if a Pipeline from Bahrain through Oman and to Egypt were to become a successful employment venture because in Bahrain the law requires a 50-50 split and the operator of the business in Bahrain be that of a citizen that speaks the language and if one is not available for a length of time the Insurance must be paid beforehand to bring in someone that can speak. Why would several nations come together in a Consortium Franchise and none of them be able to speak, read, write the language they need to personally use? If this is a troublesome situation then why is the computer not already setup to create the translation, we must not have to depend on Google to bring technology into the circle for everyone that needs to know. Google is a Search Engine business, it has no legal setup in Bahrain. Bahrain is technically a tourist trap engaging in everything they can to make tourism their economic success. Bahrain leadership composed the law there as prejudice whereby they benefit regardless, esp in taxes because a partner that cannot read nor write the language they specify must hire someone to be in their place, it is like that in every legal procedure of courts. Another situation is Indian Oil, how about Oil coming from Pakistan, or Oil which belongs to the Chinese. This shows that Bahrain has no legal right to prejudice the situation and take half of the value for their own use, it is theft of property to have to do business with such embezzlers. Until Bahrain becomes Democratic Bahrain shall have no Pipeline nor opportunity to offer every other nation in need of delivery of Oil through a Pipeline. So Bahrain can continue to dream on building ships to go through the Suez Canal instead, pay Egypt.

In such a way that it leads to the lease of battery packs that must be recharged at a established rate for electricity adding to the low cost of the shell they call a automobile having a honeycomb aluminum frame on the body. I think that even if energy from petroleum products did not enter into the spectrum that those vehicles would be hazards on the streets in the hands of the wrong group of people. It is also a bad economic affair to require the use of a

    Credit Card

in your own home in order to recharge your own vehicle and the same card used away from your home charging at a recharge station each day because the battery packs for lease is a economic one and has no vast distance capability. I am referring to the Joule Electric Car made in South Africa and backed by German investors. The offering to become a owner of that vehicle is a 25% affair while the lease actually drives the cheap cost up from $2,500 well into $10,000 per life of the battery pack per lease per recharge cycles your being charged a bank fee for the use of a

    Credit Card monthly of at least $35 up to $65

. In California or Georgia you could rent a Electric Car at least $65 per day but they have not got any yet in stock to rent [


and iPhone Rental Vehicles here Rates & Plans Zipcar Rates]. Renting automobiles is not what The Foundation EVFCF is about. So you can dream that Egypt’s Institutions are Stronger but when it is looking to serve anyone a convenience, what do you think they are planning upstairs that South African & German Engineers has been involved in for a long while that suggests a far from accurate economic solution. Sure it is not everyday someone might want to drive instead of walk but there seems to me to be more people walking than driving these days. I see that as Democratic Reasoning Aimed At Ignoring Economic Solutions. Developers have already been laying out the schematic of Egypt and other nations cities in the hopes they can get in quickly and out to go to another location and so on. That leaves behind the skeleton business concept and requires not just a few employees concerned that the vehicle is not going to be stolen or destroyed and that is a expensive insurance per business.

The first comment I posted on that one article was really about who and what Google is…

Google should keep up with Jonalist’s Blog
There’s a lot to say about politics but that game is being spread about in Egyptian Modifications of Democratic portions, it may not become 100% Democratic but if Egypt tends to stay on the beaten path I believe they need to Google and translate pages if necessary so Google is way out ahead of politics in that real-time ordeal, but not on video translator details which might come out in the future, I have a lot of hope in computer recognition of voice and the need of music blanking to then remix so it sounds like it can verbally work for everyone.

I might should have just stated that the actual majority of the people in America are not Teachers, Automakers, Plumbers, Clergy, Muslim’s, Islamist, Atheist, and or Union Workers & Leaders. When Media and the U.S. Government keeps going to a Union for advise and support what that is saying is that our Government is wrong and should become Transparent to the Majority, not Unionist. Media keeps its eye on Unions like Unions means everything to the rest of all America that go into Shops, Stores, Theaters, Bowling Alley, Auto Repair Centers, Auto Lube Center, Auto Shock Center, Auto Brake Center, Gasoline Stations, City Library, State Library, County Library, Fire Departments, Swat Headquarters (doesn’t matter which city), Ice Cream Parlors, Pizza Restaurants, Hamburger Restaurants, Steak Restaurants, Mexican Food Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants, Donut Restaurants and Barbecue Restaurants, Dietary Restaurant Centers, plus Men’s Clothing Centers, Women’s Clothing Centers, Shoe Centers, Hobby Centers, Sporting Good Centers, Outdoorsman (Sporting) Centers, Outdoorsman (Boating) Centers, Jewelry Centers, Watch Centers, Medical Diagnostic Centers, but I got busy on the other agenda – OUR ELECTRIC CAR FOUNDATION. The real Majority In America Is A Fraction Of The National Debt, The Rest Is Owed Back To America Because These Are Our Guidelines Not Theirs. Michelle Malkin should know 2012 is not everything it is just a turning point.


Ten Points People Reject Electric Cars

Ten Points People Reject Electric Cars
By Charles Jones (Jonalist)
4:03 AM 7/10/2011

Why define the development as ABSOLUTELY ABSURD? Stop defining this opportunity WE HAVE THE MARKET STABILIZED

Is it you are not personally interested in having a Foundation take care of mechanical vehicle needs?

Is it that you do not want others to not to have to worry any about their vehicle mechanical needs?

Are you jealous that a Foundation could manage the cost of your vehicle instead of you & others?

Is it a financial worry, you have no money, you are broke, you could never buy a new car. Why convert to a electric car when I have a car that don’t have to be converted that always works when I buy gasoline for it and have a gasoline credit card. Ya’ll must be crazy thinking I want to stop using my credit card.

Don’t worry about your overhead, your luxury environment is totally your main expense because every other aspect of the electric car you should be driving chosen by you will be the experts at The Foundation putting together the necessary components that will be used by facility workers across the nation to convert automobiles. This is the hope that American’s need, it is no longer a Consumer Dominated Market because the Trust is taken care of for everyone that converts their property. Don’t just buy a car, buy whatever car you would like to own because you can convert that car, go to dealers, ask the Big Three Corporates for that car body price you can afford because this is all up to you to decide not government, not corporates. That the drive today to the showroom floor, the car you want is in your own mind so let The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation get it for you. Isn’t this the best idea you have ever heard of, a President can’t come up with the solution because he can’t convert government cars when he wants new cars he has the Big Three to tango with not a Foundation so he refuses to give us what we want and we challenged him to give show us a better opportunity and he couldn’t come up with anything better than a Corporate Big Three Electric Car. Now we are going to show the world how we have this opportunity available to us that they might also share the same with their population and the world will change to the better, even the pollution will decrease believe it or not the money markets will not even notice we are here in a electric car charging our next adventure and it might take us right into your neighborhood. Happy Travels Everyone

from The Jonalist


1. Did not want to convert your vehicle that is gasoline or diesel to electric.

2. You making payments to a bank each month for your vehicle and do not own it.

3. Have not considered purchasing another vehicle that you can be happy with if it were a electric vehicle and keep your vehicle your paying for monthly as is with no changes to it.

4. Gone the extra mile and still unsure of electric cars, unfaithful to your vehicle that some other person actually tends to all its mechanical problems that you are so illiterate about the vehicle that your even a dunce if someone needed your guidance that you introduce them to your friend that handles your own vehicle and you go about your daily convictions no matter what your paying out because of the vehicle.

5. Have another reason which the vehicle you drive is not really your vehicle and could be a relatives vehicle or some other individual or business associate or just a friend that has two and you use their vehicle.

6. Been involved in accidents with vehicles that you are afraid of them, actually really terrified of electric vehicles. Do not want transportation to evolve into electric vehicles.

7. Have a phobia of electricity.

8. Afraid of the other drivers that can be driving a electric vehicle at the same time you are driving a gasoline/diesel vehicle on the same highway.

9. Fell totally insecure if your not using some device that consumes electricity while you are a passenger in a electric vehicle.

10. Afraid of being a passenger in a vehicle esp. a electric vehicle?

Hello world!

Welcome to My blog. This is my introduction first post. I’m not new to blogging, some people are new to Internet so let me welcome you online! Just as a tease let me start by showing you my other blog site (Original Home).



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Here I have taken some tips to turn from a news based web interest to my original name I gave to My Project Plan which is a Foundation named “Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation” (EVFCF). You will learn more there about how WE as American’s can change destiny of our nation to the better without trying very hard. In fact WE can save America’s economy from being feed to foreign business interest now making large investments within America to rule the world from Energy to food & you got it Electric Cars. You job is quite simple, agree with the progress The Foundation can make and not just you in your city will have an electric car at near nothing its cost projection of the Big Three Automakers or foreign interest that wish to corner a ‘International Job Campaign in America’ & crash the use of US Dollars by changing currencies here & dealing in their own currencies, they are not required by statute to handle only US Dollars so be advised this can happen in your city. Give yourself a breather before we go into details to show you how WE can do this. I’m not doing this by myself, I have help from several people making discussion groups & cooperative backup for a large emotional campaign in America now for more than a year but we are not going to advertise nor ever misdirect our money for advertising. America came into being as a result of families committing to a theme and that theme as we know it became The United States of America as we still recognize it. So on that note – Let Us Get This Foundation On The Road This Year Without Any Political Delays as what happened in 2008, 2009, & 2010. Thank You For Your Support – Go To My Group And Join.

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