Obama To Call For Extension Of Transportation Funds Currently Set To Expire

Obama is trying to refresh the same old tactics that government always leans on to produce something that would simply melt into government circles but it will not work, why, look at the only options there is to create jobs – TIFIA program, which helps communitie­s use federal credit assistance — direct loans, loan guarantees­, and lines of credit — to leverage their transporta­tion projects. TIFIA isn’t a Foundation for Consumer’s it is a entrapment for everyone. Loans & guaranteed Loans do not guarantee highways & bridge upgrades, look at the recent flooding maybe they needed to upgrade bridges before there was a disaster from a mediocre hurricane that destroyed in patches, thinking it to be the big one which was really how Government­/Federal Highway Administra­tion meets with the states 50/50 (not enough is that issue. I’ll take you up on the ‘You Buy Me One To Hang In There With As Many Employees I Can Gather From All Four Corners Of America.” I Love It Obama Doesn’t! Thanks People for trying to deal with the same situation refreshmen­ts & speeches on YOU GOT TO MOVE.
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That was history folks, now we are at August 22, 2012 and again Obama has taken a ill hand at State Transportation issues on State Time no less demanding Alabama to return money it has yet spent but Alabama patrons working to build highways are and have begun projects, there are8 stipulations preventing their completion yet the money they would depend upon to do that will be terminated by Obama. What type of Federal Government was Obama laying out for states to barter with instead of a finalized deal that is everlasting, this is piracy if not a swindle to all that are employed by Alabama. Read this article. Another issue Obama started of a Broken Promise. This one however seems aimed at making Alabama create projects that will go uncompleted because of Obama like a “Bridge to Nowhere” aimed at giving Canada the XL Pipeline option to serve Mexican Truckers between America and Canada instead of the XL Pipeline. The unnecessary bridge deal of Obama.

Obama has refused to issue the presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, a vital project that will bring energy we need and unleash billions in private investment. Now he’s poised to divert and distract from that disastrous decision by approving a presidential permit for a very different type of project – a government bridge, built with billions of our federal taxpayer dollars, that is unnecessary and would actually compete with a privately owned bridge. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has submitted an application to the State Department seeking a Presidential Permit to build a new multi-billion-dollar bridge between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, known as the “New International Trade Crossing.”

The Michigan legislature has already rejected this boondoggle, because it competes with a successful privately-owned bridge that stands ready to add another privately-funded span to meet future demand. 600,000 Michigan citizens have signed petitions for ballot measure that would block the government bridge – but the governor is conspiring with President Obama to go around them.

Here’s how the scam works: Canada puts up $550 million and they get to collect the tolls to make their money back. And then federal taxpayers have to send Michigan $2.2 billion in matching funds and – get this – the Lieutenant Governor said Michigan won’t spend “a dime.” (Don’t people in Michigan pay federal taxes?)

Building and staffing additional customs, immigration and homeland security facilities will cost federal taxpayers at least another $265 million for a new customs plaza and $100 million per year for staff and operation. Money we don’t have.

After delaying the pipeline for years, President Obama is expected to jam through approval for this bridge project in a matter of days – avoiding public scrutiny. That’s wrong. The State Department is required by law to respond to public comments in their decision-making process, and we’ve set up a form to make it easy to send your official comments directly to them. The deadline is August 9 (today is August 22, 2012). THE STATE DEPARTMENT WOULDN’T LISTEN TO PATRONS TO STOP THAT BROKEN PROMISE TO BRING JOBS TO AMERICA, NOW CHINA HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE JOBS FROM AMERICA TO BUILD THEIR CANADIAN PIPELINE FOR THEIR SHIPPERS TO TAKE THE OIL FROM AMERICAN’S THAT CANADA CAN PRODUCE. OUR AMERICA IS SHATTERED THAT OBAMA HAS STOLEN OPPORTUNITY AND DRESSED IT UP TO WORK FOR A MIDDLEMAN WHO IS NOT AMERICAN AND THAT PROFIT IS GREATER IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES NOT AMERICA.

You can send a complaint about the bridge to build the pipeline instead here. If that isn’t enough then you should write your WordPress page to show how more will be effective.

Thank You, Jonalist (August 22, 2012)

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