America’s Financial Problem Is Solvable (1)

America’s Financial Problem Is Solvable


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America’s Financial Problem Is Solvable * IF * 40,000 Govt employees with $375,000,000 ea = $15 Trillion to pay off the National Debt which is the bigger issue to resolve first. That figure is rather steep for most people whom have a small fortune, very few people can get up $375M instantly so let’s calibrate this so one 1,000 groups (40,000,000 employees) will be the management point for two years to pay off $15T total. How does this work? Fundamentally each within a group of 40,000 is responsible for $375,000 total per year, time is not on the side of whom is paying so it must be done immediately. If we calibrate at two years the total would be half and if we calibrate at four years the total would be a quarter. Surely each of 40,000 employees could be guaranteed a grant for the amount they own and that principal be returned to them within 5-yrs as a 10-yr guarantee. How can a government tax everyone whom earns above $250,000 if the total required to pay off The National Debt actually demands the employment responsibility of that debt not all the people working in America (taxpayers whom may not be able to work or earn more than $250 a month or capable to guarantee they could work every month of the year). This is the problem I am having to establish a fair amount employment should be responsible for. When I researched this problem in monetary status of all American’s no one had $1,000,000 in a group of 15 Million people (does not exist that everyone must have $15 Million) or a group of 1 Million people that have $15 Million each. Certainly in American Wealth there are no solutions, no one fits the criteria.


This one Solution is perhaps the only Solution. It is calibrated to a Grouping of 1,000 and in each Group is 40,000 employees and that illustrates that Government has not got that many employees (40,000,000).

1,000 groups of 40,000 employees (40,000,000) = $375,000 per individual in each group of 40,000 employees = PAID IN FULL

Illustrating that there has to be 40M employed individuals each capable of paying $375,000 each.

Stretching this out over several years would be possible and would lower the amount necessary to balance this debt but the longer that government waits the higher that debt becomes and it is all due to IOU’s the government wrote itself and the people had nothing to do with any IOU. There might not even be 40,000,000 people capable to pull that much cash from their savings or from a bank as a loan to pay that if they are working it would fit few employees and most are Corporate Heads whom reinvest their money in stocks, business plans, and other things like paying taxes while it is Share Holders or it is Board Members that serve many Share Holders that own a Corporate. Corporates exist by managing their Stock and Invoices while most have huge expenditures that cannot let go of funds for something outside of their management or authority. Such things would be a illegality and if such things were demands it would be a breach of some contract or a unconstitutional matter for a court to process against whom is making such a demand. No Corporate is responsible for what Government has done financially, and to add flavor we also know the US Citizen’s are not liable for what Government has done financially.

US Citizen’s have never had a vote on whether it is approved or disapproved. Currently US Citizen’s are complaining of Government Spending, if the National Debt were Paid In Full what would Government do but start it all over again with more and more spending till it gets back where it was within four years and the next President then has to figure out what to do about the IOU debt how to pay it all over again. National Debt was not made for a reboot each four year term, there were NOT SUPPOSE TO BE IOU’s at all. So let’s fundamentally understand that if The National Debt had a purpose it was to account for OVER SPENDING, FUND REQUESTS FROM OTHER FUNDED PROGRAMS & SERVICES, that is why some are potentially failing to meet their financial responsibility – US Citizen’s are not responsible for paying The National Debt. Our lazy Congress will not write a Copyright which would serve a hundred years to repay American’s that could pay off The National Debt. What does that fundamentally illustrate, Preservation through the reimbursement to US Citizen’s not in the form of Insurance. If it were a Insurance backing per individual it is again a matter Individuals did not get to vote in regards to and down the road that support given whether it would be a year funding or five year funding or greater does not substantiate a individual having to pay Government that much money before the fact and something else come up like sudden death. American Wealth was already distributed, there are no fat cats that could pay large sums of money just like that.

Immediately vs 2x per year: $375,000 / 2 = $187,500 ea year

4 years: $187,500 / 2 = $93,750 ea year
$93,750 x 40M = $3,750,000,000,000 x 2 = $7,500,000,000,000 x 2 = $15T

6 years: $93,750 / 2 = $46,875 ea year
$46,875 x 40M = $1,875,000,000,000 x 2 = $3,750,000,000,000 x 6 = $15T

8 years: $46,875 / 2 = $23,437.5 ea year
$23,437.5 x 40M = $937,500,000,000 x 2 = $1,875,000,000,000 x 8 = $15T

16 years: $23,437.5 / 2 = $11,718.75 ea year
$11,718.75 x 40M = $468,750,000,000 x 2 = $937,500,000,000 x 16 = $15T

32 years: $11,718.75 / 2 = $5,859.375 ea year
$5,859.375 x 40M = $234,375,000,000 x 2 = $468,750,000,000 x 32 = $15T


$15T / 8=$6.4B / 200M people=$32.00 each x 8=$256.00 x 200M=$51.2B x 292.96875 occurrences / 100 yrs=2.9296875 occurrences per yr=$15T

200,000,000 people x $75,000 = TO MUCH TO ASK ANYTIME
$75,000 is a estimate what 200,000,000 people would be responsible for if they were to pay off the National Debt tomorrow.
If this were to occur within 2 years initial amount of $75,000 would be lowered to $37,500 each.

Prison in Store for Obamacare Offenders:

If the Govt did not dissolve The National Debt entirely then there can be arrangements by US Citizen’s to Free Themselves of the financial mess Govt & Business has initialized. I figure again – 5 Million US Citizen’s with $1 Million each = $5 Trillion which is enough money to purchase Natural Gas Ocean Liners to leave America and start a New Nation. I do not figure there are 5Million people in America that have $1 Million each. Obama cannot stop 5 Million Folks from leaving America to stop the bleeding they are experiencing at their homes and family investments by American leadership. With the financial loss from $5 Trillion – $50 Billion the Government may be brought to a sudden default in not having money in banks and to pay International debt forcing the printing of money with a much less value depreciating the US Dollar significantly and to the point of almost worthless. Therefore the funds of $50 Billion would have to be spend immediately prior to the American Banking Failure to get the most Bang For That Buck. Remember that if US Citizen’s were to do this their overhead cost would be zero as compared to their earning potential to help build a new nation with airports, ship ports, law enforcement, homes, cities etc and would begin immediately to occur or have begun prior to the ship having let for the new port destination. The purchased ships would later be used to earn funding to accomplish everything that is called to develop and it would include such things as Monorails for travel, and underwater city accommodations.

High cost alternative is $1M ea x 5M = $5T
Lower cost alternative is $100G ea x 5M = $500B
Ultra-low cost alternative is $10G ea x 5M = $50B

Government has failed to accommodate American Taxpayers with a Health Care Insurance Plan that is sufficient. Government cannot successfully hire 16,000 new IRS Agents to resolve the problem, consider this overhead cost estimate:

Each employee has to have a license to carry a weapon each year.
Each employee has to have a weapon and some may need two weapons at a cost.
Each employee must have food to sustain their health at 3 meals per day regardless of a Federal Holiday.
Each employee must have a vehicle for transportation, proposed are electric or new proposed hybrid vehicles.
Each employee must be insured with as much savings as possible.
Each employee must have become processed through a identification system added Administrative costs.
Groups of employees must have supervisors employed to handle massive projects.

Estimating at lowest potential (all reoccurring expenditures per year:

Breakfast costs = $5.00 x 16,000 employees = $80,000
Lunch costs = $3.00 x 16,000 employees = $48,000
Dinner costs = $8.00 x 16,000 employees = $128,000
Weapon costs = $1,000 x 16,000 employees = $16,000,000
Weapon Accessory costs = $500 x 16,000 employees = $8,000,000
License Fees per year = $100 x 16,000 employees = $1,600,000
Auto Insurance per employee per year = $500 x 16,000 employees = $8,000,000 per yr
Insurance per Employee = $4,500 x 16,000 employees = $72,000,000 per yr
Additional Administrative costs = $5 Million per yr
Supervisory Positions cost = $2 Million per yr
Legal Fees & Services cost = $250,000 per yr x 50 full-time lawyers = $4,000,000,000
Fuel cost = $300 per month x 12 MOS = 16,000 employees = $57,600,000
Sub-Total = $4,170,456,000

Single YR Expenditure (may last for 5 YR’s):
Vehicle cost = $35,000 x 16,000 employees = $560,000,000
Total = $4,730,456,000

Misc overhead expenditures for (communications, administrative paperwork per job, shipping per job, double-time, travel expenses per job, retirement, sickness, death) all would be additional costs to the above Total.

Mobile Communications is perhaps the most expensive requiring satellite coverage of every area within the USA, not every cellular service has that capability so the need tracking becomes a necessity as well to monitor each employee. If there are 16,000 employees that would be a overload to track and function as audio/video feeds per employee unless there’s a satellite system that could be relocated in space which could time-delay communications. Adding 16,000 more tasks to Mobile Communications via Satellite is a very large operation and expensive per year, replacement of a satellite is most expensive so I cannot give a estimate on this feature which is necessary.

Other cost factors exist but this is a rough estimate, if we cut some of the costs there could be others that have to be increased so there is hardly any reason to start looking for cuts in this small estimation where costs could actually be much greater than I have estimated. All that is in regard to Obama’s Health Care Law Neglected the 100 Year Time-Span and that is the most important aspect when dealing with such a topic. My solution is to STOP THE NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK by establishing a 100-year Time-Span to pay that debt using tax money and it is legit but parts of that Health Care Law is unconstitutional esp. the part of sending anyone to jail and enforcement using the new 16,000 IRS employees as you saw above from my estimates any savings that might have been made possible for costs effectiveness was lost when Congress added 16,000 employees.

One other cost factor we cannot fully estimate here is the cost of incarceration of the many people that have no money to pay the cost of the Health Care Insurance as dictated they do else they must serve a 5-yr prison term. In so much as that factor would disrupt every married couples lifestyle I do not see how the Health Care Law can be legally enforced and I figure it to be a violation of every US Citizen’s Constitutional Right. It does look that because of a demand that every American have Health Care Insurance the simple law matter of a Marriage Certificate is a worthless piece of paper IF THE US GOVT CAN VIOLATE EVERY MARRIED COUPLES RIGHT TO HAVE LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS each time someone does not pay resulting in a 5-yr prison term. It is not a calculable matter when each state has a possible prison responsibility and any change in the population may require increased expenditures to add-on more prison complexes to every existing prison system. Furthermore each individual placed in prison would have to be fed, and clothed and their general welfare such as education would have to continue and they would have to serve work details throughout their 5-yr term of incarceration. I figure if Nancy Pelosi wants to stand against her own husband that this is a good way to create a repeat offender of him if he refused to pay and couldn’t pay five years down the road and so on and so forth if she continued to refuse to pay his Insurance. It would be like that because the Health Care Law substantially provides a wife that pays bills to be the one and only that would pay or not pay her husbands Insurance and he would go to jail for 5-yrs, for every married situation.

Unconstitutionality of The Health Care Insurance Law is the ultimate judgment I find evident throughout America, people are working as much as they can and this starts a minor civil unjust situation that threatens their working lives with excessive billing invoices to pay each year besides a home mortgage if they are lucky to own a home plan.

Nothing Less Than Full Repeal of Obamacare:

The thing about IOU’s is that they do not have to exist, Bills exist in legislation to establish supporters whom would agree to terms and give a loan or a grant as it may be with intentions of paying it back and then asking either the whole Senate for approval or asking the whole house for approval and all the approved Bills go to the President for approval and it is signed and that does away with any IOU which either the Senate or the House members would have wanted to access to accomplish something which appears in the Bill. Its magic first place winning proposition time for anyone whom wants to pick up a Bill that has been sent them to consider helping out another state or another plan and it works better than IOU’s and there are no National Debts necessary to carry-on day after day since it is instantly disregarded without a IOU base of operations. Laws were not meant to be IOU’s or the rest of America wouldn’t need a bank and people would do what they wanted to do regardless of the Government doing what it wants to do.

Many states cannot handle extra overhead such that will be presented them, many states are following up on their rejection of the Health Care Law, many states see this entire measure as a violent radical movement that government chose to provide knowing fully well it can bankrupt our government.

Pending legality issues will not cause a verdict that results in favor of the Law, Espionage will continue to increase, Extortion will continue to increase, and kidnapping will continue to increase as a result of that Law interaction. Nations can easily take unfair advantage of every US Citizen abroad and detain them and force them to buy the Insurance that is available to their nationals as long as they reside in that nation without releasing them from their prisons and that could be more than 5-yr terms because The US State Dept has no Amnesty with all nation to free those whom could be arrested because they did not purchase America’s Insurance as directed. Corrupt International Leadership would be mainly a Muslim issue against American Principles. We see a uprising in Sweden that Swedish Officials have decreed as a Insurrection, violence by Muslim’s has killed Jews in Sweden, burned buildings, destroyed private as well as personal property and caused many death threats against Officials at work to protect Sweden, their law enforcement is having no success in stopping the violence caused by Muslim’s that all covered for the money trail to Switz Banks from US Muslim’s and their leaders, there is no other explanation for Muslim’s demanding so much from the Swedish Government. Lucky Swiss investors that got their money out of the off shore investments, like Muslim’s were hoping no one would do such a thing, then their location became evident in Sweden by their actions, where will they go from there?

See these videos:

Make Way for the Monster Mosque in Londonistan I [5:06]

Make Way for the Monster Mosque in Londonistan II [8:48]

Happiness is getting something accomplished. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson. I will post more later.

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