Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father’s birthday, he is now 78 years old. When he has gone through so many hardships I believe he is happy with his life thus far, probably do much to be able to do more than just live but because of his medical condition he has more problems doing what all you probably could do daily but on the bright side he is alive and well. He lost a bit of his memory, he does not seem depressed that he did but he considers himself lucky to be here with us and no where else would it make any difference. We all get along well, and wished him a Happy Birthday following breakfast. It was raining this morning here and may rain till afternoon.

Born in Walker County Alabama he grew up to become a member of The United States Air Force. Once he retired we came back to live in Alabama having lived in South Carolina, Florida during my earlier years while he was away in Europe, Turkey, & Korea. Year before last he fell in the kitchen backwards hitting his head on the hard vinyl floor twice. We rushed him to the hospital and they rushed him to another then following more MRI’s he was rushed to Birmingham UAB by helicopter and was operated on within a hour after arrival having a shunt placed in his skull under the skin to relieve brain pressure and is to have that tube running down the inside of his back the rest of his life. It cost us $600 for a two week stay at the (1 bedroom) UAB Townhouse which only provided one parking space so we ended up having to leave our autos at the hospital pay parking deck which cost $6.00/day. After he remained there two weeks we returned to Montgomery Baptist then after another two week stay and he having double pneumonia was released to the Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center facility where he remained for a month before he was able to eat, walk, talk, or care for himself leaving in a wheelchair.

P.S. I wouldn’t recommend going to watch WordPress TV classroom video feeds, echoing in the room, students chatting afterwards, can’t see the screen display, speakers ramble on over their life rather than going into specifics. This episode I did not enjoy or learn anything “WordCampTV – David Gadarian: how to designing your own theme”, Event “WordCamp Los Angeles (22)” [December 3, 2010]. The video was 674 MB in size to generally get an idea of quality. Updates necessary on their TV pages for specific’s WHAT’S NEW.
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