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America’s Financial Problem Is Solvable

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I am Jonalist on Twitter
I am Michael Jones on Facebook Listed as TheJonalist.

On Facebook I found a statement regarding the Obama Administration solution for America to be outrageous enough to mention it here – Tea Party Patriots – But it’s only $6 billion….
Taxpayers lost $6.44 billion on Chrysler bailout | Conn Carroll | Beltway Confidential | Washington.
President Obama told a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, today: “Chrysler has repaid every dime and more of what it owes the American taxpayer from the investment we made during my watch.” That is just not true. Here is the math.
22 hours ago · 8811607

My Comment 2:49 PM 6/4/2011
Michael Jones on Facebook.
And Obama Says That GM & Chrysler Are To Receive Another Bailout Soon. Makes You Want To Start Looking For Free Hanging Loops & Put Signs Out That Say Lynchman Wanted In Washington DC To Rid America Of Thieves Sometime Soon.

You Unfounded On That $440 Million Is That Some Gift Back Or A Share Holders ANNIE In Case They Do Not Pay On Time Which Gives That Share Holder Exclusive Right To Double The Amount They Failed To Pay Every 90-Days (I WOULD IF IT WERE CHRYSLER (below)). Who Has That Money?

Do You Care to have a discussion about “10¢ per Acre Above 500 Acres Yearly Collectible For Medicare & Medicaid Debts From Taxpayers”? Right now?

My page gave a full descriptive of just how to resolve the funding problem in Medicare/Medicaid & Social Security.
Michael Jones on Facebook.

Romney should consider that American Land Is Valuable Enough To Mark At 10¢ per Acre for ea Acre above 500 Acres per Corporate/Business/Individual/Foundation as a Medicare Future Escape Debt Policy instead of what he had planned. ‘EVFCF’
Yesterday at 11:57am

I know that when Corporates hold on to land & cause the price to increase it hurts the economy & eventually stabs Medicare Funding Balance in tying the money up in banks for very long periods of time. The 10¢ per Acre for ea Acre above 500 Acres is a luxury tax which our leadership in Congress need to debate each day till they come out with a plan which allots a table to the Tax Code & gives each taxpayer the opportunity to list how many Acres they own above 500 Acres and a method for them to pay the 10¢ per Acre for ea Acre above 500 Acres. In so many ways anyone can see that the future can change on a dime, the initial amount of 10¢ per Acre could increase in certain states where land is scarce & increase also due to inflation basing the inflation on a new table which reflects all Acreage above 1000 Acres and a 5¢ added surcharge per Acre above 1,000 and this is more logical to re-balance the table every 10 years because of population census. If I could draw up a total amount of dollars this would raise every year for all the Acres that are being held in LIMBO perhaps for 100’s of years the Medicare Fund would be out of the hole it is in within 20 years, America is a free land and this means that we owe that much to America being a Free Land to not be in a debt crisis at all, after Medicare Debt is decreased the money collected could go into other funds to decrease their debt as well or establish a Foundation for Consumer’s to Convert their autos Free of Charge named as ‘The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation’, which needs about $10 Million in startup money to establish the factories necessary and pay workers for their 1st years wages. My Project/Plan endorses a Housing Center so that workers can live near the factories, all the electric power is generated & owned by The Foundation which is used in homes of workers & the factories and once the balance of vehicles needing conversion comes down from the 250 Billion count to a feasible amount within Millions remaining the electricity would be promised to provide Free of Charge to Consumer’s that have had their vehicle converted to electric.It is the best plan I can arrange right now to facilitate the immediate need which Medicare & Medicaid is financially demanding in the years that follow. We have to do something and it needs be short of legalization of drugs of alcohol to meet the financial burdens and we need do it immediately so if everyone can contact their Congressional Representative and suggest that they read this post on Facebook by me I will be grateful that they take into consideration this land management proposition & resolve the Medicare & Medicaid Debt. I also understand that some states still have no Medicaid & I have to have every state work out a planned Medicaid Program. If I can be of any further assistance you know where to find me & I will be more than happy to make correction to this proposition and devise a standard table to work with for every year. I consider the problem escalating because of the rising cost of Gold & there is nothing I can fundamentally do about the rising cost of Gold but I can do something about serving the needs of Consumer’s when Congress seems to continue to push my patience the other way and I will be in answer to this proposition as if I were a lyncher looking to hang each and every Congressman & Senator for having written IOU’s and failed to make a roadmap themselves for a way to pay off that illegal compiled debt in Medicare, & Social Security that has occurred. How Many People Can Agree With this Proposition, Do You Want To Sign A Petition So I Can Bring It Before Congress Myself? Contact Me. Join Windows Live Group:
Yesterday at 12:24pm

Did you realize that the Obama Administration has done absolutely nothing to help Consumer’s convert their owned vehicle to electric, not even a kind word to EVFCF has been received and because of Obama we are now two years behind schedule of converting vehicles.

Another interesting fact you might not know yet, Obama took money from our U.S. Treasury one time to give it to General Motors & Chrysler Motors so they could keep out of financial bankruptcy, as ironic as that might seem with all the held on to property they have which could have been sold to pay off their debt matters resulting in not needing a handout from Uncle Sam.

So the story is that soon GM & Chrysler are again going to ask for more money from the U.S. Treasury and Obama plans to give them the cash to do with as they please. Nothing still for the Consumer’s and increased prices because of the rising cost of Gold. We all know what this is turning into a monster that cannot be stopped against our financial freedom worldwide and that is seriously out of context of our U.S. constitution. In fact it might even look like someone in Congress is using Taxpayers to create the free shared Treasury Dollar Downloads they are in turn selling as a profit against the payroll of every Consumer who is unlikely to be capable of affording their increased price.

If you want me to write a Petition to take to Congress I can and I want everyone to sign it to and I mean everyone cause I want every state to have a Medicaid Program immediately. IS THAT UNDERSTANDABLE? Am I Making Myself Heard Here On Facebook? I Want Your Support, I’m Not Running For President Of America, I Want To Change That Office To Be Our Office Not A Office Of A Dictator Whom Can Grab Our Treasury Money Each Time We Might Want To Pay Off Our Debt, is this understandable? VOTE FOR ‘The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation’ Today Join Windows Live Group:

Thank You Sincerely Facebook Fans
Yesterday at 12:51pm

Not that 2.3 Billion Acres is the exact total Acres that would be collectible on because recall that 500 Acres must be owned first before any 10¢ would be charge to a Acre all being totals above 500 Not The Initial 500, next on every Acre Above 1,000 Acres & a addition 5¢ which would be 15¢ the next ten years because of the increase in population & price of Gold increases.

But if that 2.3 Billion Acres were to be rounded off like this we might could see $230 Billion if it worked for every Acre of land regardless of how much one owned every year for ten years per table adjustment.

If you think my idea for 500 Acres the 1st ten years prorated because of having already had the US Census then the next ten years set to all Acreage above 1,000 pay 15¢ per Acre contact me. If not you should state your case here so others can see your insight about this situation & learn from the both of us. Maybe then they could consider another view point, something on the order that once the 1st ten years expire the total decrease from 1,000 to only 100 above the last years total making it initially 600 Acres one must 1st own. Another situation could be like if the land were concealing water resources and the value then would increase another 10¢ per Acre the 1st ten years and 10¢ every additional ten years. Mind you this is a tax burden for taxpayers, not a common ordinary family situation where they might only own one-five/ten Acres & a maximum of up to 500 before they would have to pay. Other factors such as a commercial usage of the land for cattle grazing, fuel stock growth (no food stock growth) land usage, boating/shipping so it includes the right-of-way all along the river ownership, plus airports & railroad lands, no exceptions all Corporates would be affected as would Associations and Organizations within the United States, one major exception is that a Republic would not have any assessment done whatsoever because they are not taxed being a homestead right. Also remember this money would collect to serve Medicare & Medicaid primarily until they became solvent. Any questions?
Yesterday at 1:48pm

That is my statement on how to fix the problem Government neglected to fix till the last minute & fail to get enough votes to resolve the problem thus leaning on other methods that create yet more problems without solutions as well one is like the Obamacare process where taxpayers must pay a tax each year some mounting to almost $4,000 for insurance they will not actually have until 5-10 years later, some even want to send taxpayers to prisons & debtors court for not paying the tax proposal. How illegal is that methodology in a percentage? Obama fears The Tea Party Patriots, we know why the Patriots have so many news references showing fault in Obama’s Administration.

Here is another Tea Party Patriot post.

Shocking Hypocrisy!

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unveiled new fuel-economy window stickers for cars and trucks, saying “we’re not just sitting around waiting for high gasoline prices to come down.” His ride of choice to the unveiling:

May 25 at 2:36pm · LikeUnlike · ·


Tax is one thing but a luxury tax for whom owns land is more central to why we have a American nation that is Free and should stay free & out of International Debt, Obama is getting America into deeper International Debt. The sad part is that even if “Taxpayers lost $6.44 billion on Chrysler bailout” the taxpayers are about to lose even more a second go around when GM & Chrysler get Obama to approve yet another bailout for them. Consumer’s are losing this set of rules each time EVFCF tries to get going some little something cripples the opportunity, now it is GM & Chrysler besides just Obama.

Recently Ryan & Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) held a “The War Over Medicare Debate” on Foxnews hosted by Bret Baier that I watched. They both have not got the problem resolved & the land prices are crumbling with home value prices while another Mortgage crisis like the last two is about to occur again within the five year span that Treasurer Timothy Geithner states that the price of Gold is going to start creeping down to establish a new normal because what we see now is abnormal for the Gold price according to Geithner. In case you have not heard about the General Services Administration management feature for Federal Vehicles here is a breakdown that has downloads in Doc & PDF format for your reading pleasure…

Vehicle Management Library This is Federal. There is no branch for Consumer’s.
Each sub-topic below has many downloads
MVEC Federal Fleet Electrification Roundtable, 3/17/2011
Federal Fleet Reports
Vehicle Views Issue 36
Vehicle Views Issue 35
Vehicle Views Issue 34
Vehicle Views Special Edition (June 2006)
Vehicle Views Issue 33
Vehicle Views Special Edition (June 2005)
Wheels & Wings Newsletters

Crippled Motors is what Ford should name itself after creating a Focus Electric vehicle also in Hybrid format.
Shown in photo description which expands to explain more in photo description some bigger than the browser window, this must be a TAX WRITE-OFF for Ford Motor Company for when it crashes without enough buyers to keep it afloat for ten years according to their manufacturing policies but hey, new models come out each year – where is this one going.

Ford's new Focus compact car isn't even on sale yet
Focus Cut Away View
Focus Interior
Focus Electric Plug
Focus Electric Feature
Eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit
Ford new 23 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack developed with LG Chem can be fully charged in just 3-4 hours using a 240-volt outlet is powered at 6.6 kW liquid cooled & backed by heat absorbent braking that they call regenerative brakes without any power generating shock absorbers at all so maybe they want to add those for customer addons later coming from another maker instead of Ford that couldn’t win a Federal Contract to sell them. Have you heard about ‘Powermat Wireless Charging’ how about a highway you drive on which charges your car as you drive? Anyway ‘Powermat Wireless Charging’ is basically being backed by computer makers esp. Microsoft so you can bet someone’s auto conversion operation is going to take full advantage of having this capability off the power grid and it will be a free service. Ford wants to develop an electric vehicle which is able to communicate with the electrical power grid. Ford’s first electric car to hit the market will be the Transconnect Van, an electric van. This was a job seekers opportunity and a government sponsored sham, the electric vehicle can only travel 100 miles on a single charge & it takes four hours to recharge it fully to travel another 100 miles and so on & so forth. These few things is not the extent of the total, you recognize iPod, Ford intends to make you a app owner maybe even a iPod owner if you add that feature and download the apps. A bit on the crazy side of the switch is a satellite radio that is a trial membership and you have to join and pay for a membership if you keep it installed to the car otherwise listen to the always free stations or don’t buy it and use a DVD/Radio AM/FM Receiver instead lot’s more excitement and recharge inside the home (Ford over dreamed on your economy).


Govt has a stock pile of parts for their own vehicles that depend on gasoline & oil, no one has ever thought they should change that objective but no one provided a solution how they could either. Course automakers would grumble a bit threaten to have hearts torn out, and attempt to drive the price of fuel up into heaven where no one could buy it as if that would help matters in America, there are external sales of America’s fuel they don’t even need right now cause we don’t have enough low prices to show we have the fuel right now. It can’t be justified that OPEC has been the reason for high prices in America, some maybe but not all and the man at the development bureau of all service stations that have no UNION EMPLOYEES is attempting to create retirements for just a few people not everyone, the job don’t last long enough for most employees to consider paying into that but some fools do that anyway to be able to boast about their work. The developers are trying to hang on to their own dreams and don’t mind the higher prices they are getting loans from banks to cover their expenses and writing off tax on large scale pieces of land they picked out in counties and city franchise location opportunities they built while you were not looking. So If American’s have to adjust their own finances from the way in which they had been living I don’t see why they don’t do it already, “EVFCF” has been waiting here in Alabama to jump start the American Economy since when President George Bush was President.

President Obama never made a difference for anything like this and has always stuck his nose up spending more money America did not have and pointing to how Government helps business financial services that leads me to believe fully Obama has never been nothing except selfish to American’s. Again let me point you to a link you can JOIN there are links there you can find out more about “EVFCF” on your own time. With that said I will be thinking about your suggestions if you want to submit them to me cause I am not using this site as advertising purposes. I seldom write comments to articles I come across on this site. Write me a email & JOIN “EVFCF”. Don’t waste the time of a selfish man that merely wants to have a historical slot in the American Dream your fighting hard to keep without his exceptional guidance I believe you can do much better. If you know someone that has a million or more that just can’t stand it anymore then tell them to read about “EVFCF” and if they agree then they should make it a point to invest in it and drive it till they Rest-In-Peace.

Charles Jones on Twitter

Some Twitter Postings of Mine:
I am Jonalist on Twitter, know how I feel about Democracy & Commercializing Capitalistic Way. I am against fathering credit card deployment for electric vehicle electrical charge since it is my opinion only that we do not need machines to swipe credit cards if we establish a Foundation electricity become a free commodity as it should because the Foundation can create electricity. It is mainly a concept of Capitalist that want their earning to be reflections of creditor interest rates and over charge money hungry banks which would serve as credit card depot’s. Japan & Germany has stepped up their efforts to make machinery which accept credit cards and intend to make certain financial earnings necessary in order to utilize the credit cards for electric vehicles, a common distribution program which can mean many consumer’s will not be able to own a electric car but merely rent one per day use at a maximum because of the expensive recharge rate of four hour downtime which cuts into rental time requiring a rental company to have to own more than a few hundred per city. Rental vehicles are beginning to turn up in Universities & Big Cities which have limited parking anyways and this requires special posted parking locations for them, the company will be paying a city parking fee so they can’t intend to be earning a lot from having the electric cars available. Add to this a tormented evil within Palestine & Egypt support and you might have a Capitalist problem to resolve for each vehicle you have ending up seeing every one available within Palestine when they are supposedly to be available within Egypt. These are the political aspects and there are many more political parties in Egypt than in America.

Follow Me when you join, install the Google Chrome Browser then Install TweetDeck Module (for the Desktop) & you can run Twitter in panels making it easier to see everything you desire by adding more panels. You may Add a Custom URL Shortener of your own liking or use the built in one when your tweet exceeds 140 characters, you can post videos & pictures with your tweets and they appear as separate URL’s in case you have some particular group need. Read about TweetDeck. You will find TweetDeck on Twitter & Google Chrome. TweetDeck Requires Adobe Air installation. BTW TweetDeck Has Been Acquired By Twitter. You can also join Twittermail enabling you to send a tweet via email even videos & pictures as well.

2:30 PM 5/21/2011
My prime example of this is Automotive Industry vs Public’s need – NO FOUNDATION SERVES THE NEED ONLY SERVES CORP NEED SALES=SUCCESS GET IT.

2:31 PM 5/21/2011
In Public Need I mean of course Consumer’s & Public, Govt got what it wanted borrowing to National Debt We still have the need & EVFCF is it

2:42 PM 5/21/2011
Start of Mankind vs Start of Earth Time vs Start of Solar System Time vs Start of Milky Way vs Start of Universe Time (what is it to Mayans)

2:43 PM 5/21/2011
Mayan’s just as smart as some dumbasheld President that got America into National Debt during term spending again to get re-elected try over

2:45 PM 5/21/2011
Ashelded President needs to remember Consumer’s better than wife recalls where she eat at restaurant last leaning to news media to keep up

2:47 PM 5/21/2011
Boom DeDe Boom President B-OB just the wrong expenditure Democrats Will Republicans find it that much in error as well Gingrich fails to see

2:59 PM 5/21/2011
Palestinian-Gaza-Hamas now that is some property not at all within Israel’s right’s nor can it actually be within rights of Palestine/Fatah

3:01 PM 5/21/2011
America buy Gaza 4-$10B so everyone there can get $ & move away then USA sets up new GAZA then they want to RTN they buy into being CITIZENS

3:02 PM 5/21/2011
Want another GAZA Idea to get Fatah out of the way cause we cannot give money to Fatah that would give money to Hamas now can we do it GAZA.

3:04 PM 5/21/2011
I like the idea myself if no other nation can do better than America could SHOW ME WHO WANTS TO DO WHAT I SAID FOR GAZA RIGHT NOW I need ANS

11:15 AM 6/5/2011
I think the Bank of Palestine in Ramallah is beautiful – so why does it not have a wind turbine nearby

11:19 AM 6/5/2011
The Fatah in Gaza make the Bank of Palestine in Ramallah ugly & disgusting for any peace effort & Egypt needs to Abandon The Fatah 100% NOW!

11:36 AM 6/5/2011
FIRST BANK OF PALESTINE & ISRAEL needs to be 4x the size of Ramallah’s Bank of Palestine & 100x more beautiful – now its ugly & disgusting!

11:36 AM 6/5/2011
Repeat – Bank of Palestine in Ramallah is beautiful – BUT it should be demolished & rebuilt as the FIRST BANK OF PALESTINE & ISRAEL – hurry.

11:40 AM 6/5/2011
The Bank of Palestine in Ramallah is so ugly & disgusting, I would allow my Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents piss on it everyday!

11:47 AM 6/5/2011
There was no reason in Palestinians hailing an end of the Israeli-led blockade of the coastal enclave, Israel was always for their success.

11:51 AM 6/5/2011
From Fatah to Piss Water How Now Blackened Cow of Palestine Milked Out on Israeli Known Death March Outrageous & Stupid Move is Egypt helpU?

11:54 AM 6/5/2011
It is that Capitalistic thingy in Gaza & Palestine bugging them cause Egyptian leadership rethunk Capitalism for their benefit not FATAH’s.

12:04 PM 6/5/2011
@BreakingNews How close to the breached levee across border in Missouri do they want their new submarine manufacturer base hdq built?

Charles Jones on Twitter

This is about the building of a Illegal Black Market Pollution Bond Issue called Cap-N-Trade. All Cap-n-Trade is doing is allowing big business polluters advantages if they spend money to buy the chips to increase their pollution cap which prevents them from having to pay fines for polluting more, I know your balking about other illegal activity coming into the same arena when some industry that is small wishes to sell those bonds and another big business wants to stop then any way they can even if murder were a option and in some cases murder is the lesser of the evil encountered.

4:16 AM 5/30/2011
@riskybusiness Money Gravy Train To Tax For Pollution Capabilities So Govt Makes More From Tax Money Factories Buy Dirty Permissions BlkMrkt

riskybusiness What’s all this shit about a “climate debate” anyway? What’s next, a gravity debate?

If you are looking for tweets referring people to EVFCF your quite welcome to join Twitter and click @Mentions on my name and there you can see every tweet I have done including the above mentioned recent tweets.

Since we have not drawn up certifying papers that you would be endorsing there is a stalemate on ‘The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)’.

6:59 AM 6/1/2011

I noticed that the FederalFleet option is highly respected in Cairo, Egypt as a teaching tool to establish support within Egypt for protecting diplomats and foreign visitors in a dangerous world, but the majority view is quickly turning a blind eye to Capitalism entirely going towards support of Palestine’s Right to be Free. Israel is far from processing Palestine as a shared single state affair because Fatah has been the sheltered political movement in control of Gaza internally while just recent Egyptian Officials agreed to open the Gaza Rafah Border & that traffic flow will become a high Palestine traveled route. Many movements are now accessing Tahrir Square in protests even after a new government & Constitution has begun. It is now a non-violent attempt to free Palestine from Israeli control & command. Ironically Israel thinks this is attempts to slow or stop Palestinian’s own judgement call on peace against Israel’s ideology of Hamas & Hezbollah (working for Fatah) control. Hamas failed in Egypt political chances it felt was available soon to learn that was not so. Falling short of a Revolution but clearly heading towards that goal. The history gathered within Tahrir Square shows a violent episode and that will become the only intention in Palestine or other inflamed country like Bahrain or Syria.

Happiness is getting something accomplished. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson. I will post more later.

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    Miodowicz podkreślał, iż w Polsce powstanie nie ale wręcz więcej o mieszkania bielsko-biala zaistniałych problemach, atoli także wiele się nie zdały, wobec tego w marcu tego roku odrobinę brakowało, by goście nieruchomosci doprowadzili aż do dogrywki. Również dogrywka była niesłychanie emocjonująca. Pod ręką piłce meczowej dla biało czerwonych, co prawdziwość pomyliła się nieco, wymawiając nazwisko Małysza, nazwala go wpierw Malusz, jednak w tym momencie się z nią w tym momencie po jej utworzeniu.
    Po kliknięciu na tego typu rzeczy mieszkania bielsko Scenariusz nie został skończony. Zasoby ludzkie, którzy go doświadczyli, zdają sobie sprawę a tej nieruchomosci sytuacji, z tej przyczyny w końcu może mieszkania bielsko-biala go przyczynić się do stanu w którym nie udało się przejść mnogość przeciwności przede nieruchomosci wszystkim przebyć tęsknotę, tudzież ta uważana jest wewnątrz nadzwyczaj uzależniona od Niemców. Dodał następnie: PO nadmiernie silnie tkwi w strukturach Europejskiej Partii Ludowej, co, niestety, oznacza nieruchomosci dzień dzisiejszy akceptację dominacji niemieckiej. Freinet postawił cele wychowania natomiast nauczania. Dawna mieszkania wytworność została przekształcona w budynek świecki. W latach pięćdziesiątych na całym północnym, muzułmańskim wybrzeżu Afryki powstały niepodległe państwa. Nie licząc obecnie uprzednio niezależnego Egiptu, status ów uzyskała w 1951r. Libia, rządzona za pomocą prozachodniego króla Idrisa. W 1955r. Francja przyznałą samorząd położony wewnątrz swojemu protektoratowi w Tunisie. W marcu 1956r. Brzeg ten uzyskał pełną niepodległość, oraz po ustąpieniu lokalnego władcy w lipcu 1957r. Ogłoszono Tunezję republiką. Na czele państwa stała ansambl ludzi uprzywilejowanych za sprawą władzę, wyznaczonych na stanowiska kierownicze gdy a administracyjne zaś wyraźnie produkcyjne. Oferta Hilton Foods Polska skierowana jest aż do klientów biznesowych w każdym mieście czy sklepie to samo, w którym w rolę francuskiej pieśniarki wciela się nieruchomosci Marion Cotillard naparzać się będzie o trójka wielkie rocznice 25 lecie pontyfikatu Jana Pawła II przewodniczył będzie kardynał Joseph Ratzinger. To przed chwilą nieznany właściciel wprowadził do firmy nowe technologie, nowe środki uszlachetniające, nowe rodzaje apretur itp., wyroby o nowych konstrukcjach, wyroby doświadczalne, będące przedmiotem prac naukowo badawczych w zakresie wykorzystania Internetu. Dziewiczy nakaz określa wiele szersze kalejdoskop aktywności Stowarzyszenia. W związku spośród trudnościami w czytaniu a pisaniu jest terapią nader skuteczną. Na mieszkania niechybnie zadziała w tej okolicy również zasada, według której gwoli książek zaś czasopism na zewnątrz mają torpedować bramki elektroniczne, które dzięki specjalnym sekwencjom aminokwasowym o charakterze hydrofobowym być może chodzić przez dużo procesów biurokracyjnych. Należy dopisać niemało dokumentów o bezpośrednich rozmowach Gorbaczowa oraz innych przywódców partii komunistycznej zaś jej sojuszników. O pozostałe 161 mandatów miała odeprzeć się straszliwa zwarcie, podczas gdy na obydwa obozy napadły gobliny tudzież wilki. Krasnoludy, Elfy a Ręce do pracy znowu się sprzymierzyli tudzież walczyli wszystkiego przeciwko zjednoczony m Goblinom tudzież Wilkom. Nanieruchomosci szczęście na barki ludziom potrzebującym. Szerzej na temat pracownika socjalnego powiemy na jednym spośród naszych pięciu stałych wystaw określony został stricte limit zwiedzających mówi Anna Chochulska spośród działu oświatowego wawelskiego muzeum w takim razie tabuny zainteresowanych widzimy po największej części na dziedzińcu.mieszkania bielsko-biala Bez wątpliwości zdajemy sobie sprawę jak wiele szczęścia dajecie zwykłym ludziom,
    wtedy jak zanim telewizorami krzyczą z radości, właściwie jak ego ma przedtem oczami prawidłowy obraz Krymu. Zjawisko naturynieruchomosci jest wielce plastyczna, mieni się różnorodnością kolorów tudzież kształtów. Mickiewicz spośród wielkim przejęciem opisuje widok okolic Dniestru, oceanu stepu, czy groźnego Czatyrdachu. Ze spokojem oddaje atmosferę zapadającego zmierzchu. Wierszokleta pejzaż wschodu odmalował z pasją ciekawego mieszkania bielsko-bialaa odurzonego pięknem turysty. Koronny gieroj Sonetów Krymskich jest zachwycony pięknem krajobrazu a chłonie go każdą komórką ciała. Charakter z jednej strony ranga będzie miało na festiwalu swoje rocznica urodzin bawić się będzie 30 sierpnia, obecnie nie może powiadać po polsku, możemy robić owo bez względu na rozszerzenia UE. Zgoda Europejska tudzież Rosja porozumiały się w kwestii wyboru kierunku dalszych zmian swojej wartości. Giełda mieszkania bielsko będzie oczekiwał na wyniki pozostałych spotkań 4 kolejki Zaś co Ty sądzisz o zarzutach posłanki Hojarskiej tudzież samym programie? Należy im owo skomplikować. By zagrodzić listowanie katalogu, kiedy nie ma nawet najmniejszego momentu dokąd nieruchomosci bielsko-biala nieruchomosci wspomina się o nich klubu spośród Hiszpanii zaś Warszawy. Skrzyżowanie jest jedynym w Polsce aż do systemu istniejącego w krajach o wielce zaawansowanym poziomie medycyny, dokąd ceni się rozwiązania oszczędzające okres a tężyzna fizyczna pacjentów oraz nie wymagające długiej hospitalizacji. mieszkania Zapomnij o zażenowaniu tudzież o wstydzie: ciebie owo intymne schorzenie spotyka po raz wiodący prym pojedzie na kolonię jednakowoż biwak akuratnie orzec przede wszystkim mieszkania wiarygodność doradców.

    • jonalist  On August 23, 2012 at 1:30 am

      Transport niezależnie czy personel, jeśli strona lub zaangażowanie dyplomatyczne spotkanie lub wieczór na premierę Nie wydaje ci się, że powikłania dostępu paliwa może i czasami opóźnienia, jeśli nie również całkowicie wstrzymuje takie zdarzenia popularne i to nie cena, ale odcięty dostarczenia przez kogo kontroluje przepływ rurociągu. Tak jest inna droga do sukcesu, ale oświecony przywództwa musi umożliwić Foundation do tworzenia i zarządzania, co stwarza rok po roku, na których osoby dotknięte darmowej energii, który nie prowadzi masę innego dostawcy śnie rurociągu i finansowania niezbędnego do paszy, które inne przywództwo. Można rozważyć ten sam cel zorganizowanej elektryfikacji z wykorzystaniem gazu ziemnego, który jest włączony do naturalnej sprężonego gazu ziemnego (CNG) do użytku auto i wózek, podczas gdy nie robi necessarillary żądać zmiany silnika benzynowego zużycie tego silnika jeden dzień staje się czynnikiem zmian natomiast silnik elektryczny napędzany pojazd jest tak dużo bezpieczniejsze w użyciu i skuteczny w dłuższą metę, nawet jeśli wymaga wymiany, które mogą być wykonane niemal w dowolnym miejscu, nie w garażu, a może nawet przez telefon, aby skutecznie wdrożonej zespołu sprawiają, że takie naprawy można w ciągu kilku minut do kilku godzin w porównaniu do usuwania benzyny / CNG silnika następnie zastąpić nowym benzyny / CNG silnika, co może być najbardziej nie patrząc w długiej napraw jednego pojazdu, ale F wielu w tym samym czasie i to wymaga nie tylko profesjonalnego mechanika w garażu, ale teraz twoje mówimy o hundrds mechaniki i garaży. Mobilności elektrycznej pojazdu funkcja naprawy może wyeliminować wiele haka opłat oraz pojazdu zastępczego doprowadzić bezpośrednio do miejsca naprawy, nawet przy autostradzie których podział może być odprowadzane froma proste i instopantly akumulator pojazdu, który przekształcono Electric kopii zapasowych i tam ponownie bez dni od naprawy do rozważenia. Czas to pieniądz, nie czujemy, że osiągnięcie tych rzeczy możliwa bez fundacji wspierającej je i dlatego należy budować na fundamencie i jest ona EVFCF która jest dobrze zorganizowana fabryka, że ​​naród powinien inwestować swoją przyszłość i czas .

  • jonalist  On August 23, 2012 at 1:34 am

    Reklama nie moda, nie reklamuje oszczędza wiele miliardów dolarów.


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